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  1. Had the left front tire throw the tread (but not deflate) in Nevada. Adjacent to and level with the highway on the right side was a huge gravel area that I could coast into, be well off the road, and change the tire in comfort and safety. When I think of all the non-ideal spots to lose a tire, I feel blessed. Had a severe misfire on starting the engine after lunch. Looked for the nearest CG with hookups and ended up in Service Park CG near Silas, AL for a week while I repaired the MH. Beautiful Corp of Engineers CG on the Tombigbee River near a dam. I had never seen barge traffic up close before (50 yards from the MH), and enjoyed it immensely. Might be a gearhead thing, but two 5000 horsepower diesels holding position on the river at 3 AM alongside your motorhome is the closest I've come to witnessing a UFO landing. I would have missed the whole thing if the MH had kept running correctly. Had a vibration in the driveline while driving across Wyoming, called my brother (trucking for 45 years) and discussed symptoms. He diagnosed probably a u-joint as I was approaching a Laramie exit, took the exit, looked up a parts store, parked in a vacant lot across the street, pulled the driveshaft, had two bad u-joints replaced, reassembled and back on the road in 2.5 hours.
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