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  1. Still be careful. We traveled it this July. I was wishing I had bigger engine for more jakebrake power doing down hill and making those twists
  2. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of a previous rv trip with the family to the Arcadia area.
  3. We stayed many years ago. I hope it is upgraded. Close to the park entrance
  4. This is what I Pulled up in the FMCA 2006 towing guide? It is listed.. Acura Transmission Drive Speed/Distance Approx. Curb Model Auto Manual Configuration Limits (mph/mi.) Weight (lb.) MDX■ N/A All-wheel drive 65/None 4,471
  5. The FMCA towing guide for model year 2006 does list the MDX Acura as towable. No years after 2006. Again, when I called the Acura customer service line. They confirmed that it was not towable. I can continue my research. Thank you all for responding.
  6. Hello, FMCA towing guide says this vehicle can be towed all 4 down, with restrictions. However before I trade in my 06 Acura RL, I called Acura to confirm this and their Factory Rep via telephone conversation said that the FACTORY says No. Who is right or wrong here. Does anyone have experience with this make and model towed? The factory rep said that the 05 is towable all 4 down. Thanks in advance
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