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  1. Hi all, I am tiered of getting oil everywhere when filling my 02 Journey up with oil after oil change. Freightliner uses a aprox. 1.5"-2" fill tube which is placed in such a manor that it takes all day to get one gallon in the engine, and it is near impossible to get funnel into it to refill the engine. Has anyone out there developed a nice neat clean way to refill your engine oil. Or know of a gadget that would make this job a little cleaner.
  2. In order to use the basement heat pump you would need 50 amp service. The Journey's all came with that!
  3. I wouldn't spend too much money trying to build a 02 unit! Colman-Mach now has a new replacement for the OEM unit, ($2655.00 free shipping from Amazon) available elsewhere at varying prices. Colman-Mach part # 46515-811, Winnebago part# 700050-01-000. The new unit has the improved R410 refrigerant and is designed to work on 50/50amp service. Consult Winnebago prior to install as there are some technical changes that may be required for the electrical control monitoring panel.
  4. AT&T's ZTE Mobley unlimited data deal , $21.05 per month , $99.00 purchase price with no contract is the best deal on the planet, bar none. You can run up to five devices on its WIFI and the speeds are really fast in most areas. We previously used the lowest data plan for Verizon and used the Mobley for data at home and on the road, never needed more than the 4K plan, cut my monthly service cost substantially. There is supposed to be throttling at 22GB but AT&T does it differently. They refer to it as prioritizing, if the area/tower you are in is congested, than they will throttle you after 22GB, as the traffic declines, or you move to a less congested tower, speed is restored. My average is between 90-160 GB per month. Haven't found a area without good coverage. Adapters are available to use this device in the house, in the car, or motor hone. The devices are a little bit difficult to get because they go off the shelves as soon as the manufacturer ships them. Best bet is online at AT&T. Be advised most customer service rep's don't know anything about the Mobley, so you have to be persistent and ask for the "auto connect" people. Don't buy a Canadian Mobley (eBay) because the firmware is not compatible with AT&T USA. Best buy sells the AT&T ZTE Mobley with contract when they have them in stock, look online or call around.
  5. A lot of the solenoids sold today are junk, especially if when repaired it was replaced with NON OEM parts. Not unusual! It would be helpful if your signature contained information about your rig, or you put it in the narrative. Such as Cummins ISL, model, hp, gas, ford V-10, allison 3000 ect. Last, if you have a diesel, there is also a series parrallel relay in the circuit in addition to the start relay.
  6. I report poor service to RV Service Review ( Rvservicereview.com) and the Better Business Bureau in the area of the service provider. I also write reviews on Yelp. Must have some effect on the bad guys because I have had a couple contact me to " resolve" the problem. Also report good service to RV Service Review and comment about same on this forum and other forums for the benefit of others.
  7. I put my Journey 32 up on jacks during storage of more than thirty days. I use rubber mats under the wheels and lift the wheels only enough to remove 50% of the weight of the tires. I also use tire covers to reduce ozone damage.
  8. My never cold N8xx recently required a lower door from hanging gallon jugs on it, all plastic! It's now 15 years old so I am making replacement plans. I will replace it with a residential and power it via ice maker plug. At the breaker box which is at the end of the bed frame, I will isolate the wire from the refrigerator and reroute it direct to the outside electric bay approximatly 8 feet away. The electrical bay as I call it houses the shoreline, transfer switch, surge protector, and has a lot of available space. I plan to install a PSW inverter on the side wall and run the refrigerator line with a breaker to the PSW. The PSW will get DC power from cables connected to the house batteries less than a foot away. The inverter must be a ATS featured type that will sence when AC power is available and act as a transfer switch. I will also install a separate DC line to the interior of the coach so I can shut off the inverter completely when I am concerned about battery drain. The DC shut off-on would be handled by a continuous duty Solinoid. Has anyone identified the best replacement for the NORCOLD 800 series reefer? I would appreciate opinions and/or comments in regard to my plans.
  9. Be. Careful about who you take your MH in particular If it is a Allison problem. I can tell you first hand that many service vendors recommended by the coach manufacturers are not competent to work on M H’s. I did receive excellent service from W.W. Williams, they are nationwide in most major city’s. These guys are PROFESSIONAL GRADE. On engines of all types, electronics, Allison and other brand tranny’s. If you have a Freightliner Chassis, don’t assume shops listed on FL’s 24/7 App are competent, they are not all up to par. Good Luck
  10. Many oil suppliers sell oil that they say is TES 295 spec lubricant. Don't take a change on the TS-295 spec or compliant oils, as they are generally NOT approved by Allison or else they would be on Allisons list. Allison often does oil analysis on all fluid in trannys coming in for service, especially warranty work. If it is not a approved supplier on their list they will not stand behind warranty. OUCH!
  11. You must get it out and provide the lock company with the number of both components the outside half and the inside half, they are not all the same. Winnebago, for instance did not have the proper lock listed in their drawings, i had to take out the lock to get both numbers.
  12. I have been told by another member to whom I recommened REMCO driveshaft disconnect, the REMCO was sold out to another company. His dealings with the new company and the product they supply was problematic to say the least. Before buying a REMCO disconnect, do your due diligence and check it out for your application and most of all, be sure to use a driveline specialist that can cut, weld and balance on a high speed lath, do not have installed by RV dealers as they don't have proper equipment for proper install.
  13. WHOA EVERYONE! Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I currently have a ONAN 6.5K HGJAB-902A Marquiis III, (600hrs) high pressure, LPG, and I would like to convert it to unleaded gasoline, not propane. Is this possible has anyone else done it? If so what is involved cost wise parts and labor? What parts have to be replaced? What effect will in have on the life of generator?
  14. I want to either convert my 02' Onan 6500K LPG to gasoline or exchange it for a gas model. Can these gennys be converted to gasoline reasonably? I want to be able to run the genny from extended remote tank for long periods and refuel it from jerry can without moving unit. The difficulty of finding bulk propane 24/7 on the road and while boondocking is the reason for the change. Appreciate any suggestions
  15. I use one full small or medium bottle of Dawn dish wash liquid and two cups of Borax with at least twenty gallons of water to clean tanks. Driving for a couple of hours with this solution does a great job of dissolving solids and grease. No bubbles from vent, Borax softens water and aides breaking down of toilet paper and solids. Borax available at Wal-Mart for less than three dollars a pound.
  16. The App "Gas Buddy" for iPhone and Android is now offering a free fuel payment card that gives you a 5 cents discount on every gallon of fuel, gas or diesel you buy. Nothing to buy just use the App. Keeps track of mileage and fuel purchased. Card is used as credit card, but really is like a debt card, can be used at any US gas station. All you need is card and four digit pin number of your choosing. Mileage can be input for record keeping or the mileage input can be overridden by entering 99. Not vehicle specific, purchases are ACH debited from your checking account. the next day. Not a true credit card, not credit application or credit inquiry, No fees' just savings. 15 cents discount per gallon for first use. Better than pilot and Flash cards as it is 5 cents and not 3 cents discount per gallon and can be used anywhere, any brand fuel in US. Get started by getting App, instructions there to get card are found under wallet icon.
  17. Sorry to hear about you incident! Keep us informed as to how Allied handles the financial side of this.
  18. For those wanting to boondock in GA, check out the Bureau of Land Management, Army corps of Engineers, , and National Forest locations all over the state. The best kept secrets are the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. primative camping sites. Most DNR wilderness management areas all over the state allow boondocking. Georgia Power in the western part of the states have camping resources around their lakes from SC to Fl.
  19. My toad is a Nissan Xttera, 4X4 Auto 2013 which has the same running gear and suspension as the Frontier. I had a Remco driveshaft connect installed by Drive Shaft Services, Marietta GA. When i researched the install before i decided, I was warned by several knowledgeable people not to let outfits like Campers World do the install. Turns out that CW and most of the RV outfits use the rubber "thingy" in order to complete the install without welding and balancing the shaft because they don't have the precision laths to weld and balance modified shafts. The Nissan shaft must be shortend when adding the Remco disconnect to end, and it is better to weld it to shaft as opposed to the rubber device. I went to a driveshaft specialist and they cut welded and balanced the shaft creating solid shaft with no weakness or trouble points. Have been running it now trouble free for five years, no problems. Install cost was $850.00.
  20. Use the ATT ZTE Mobley, unlimited data on the road, and at home in middle GA.. I have racked up over 160GB the first month at home with no throttling. Does a good job throughout my turf. would definitely recommend for all MH owners who require connectivity on the road. We also use iphones and ipad as hotspots on Verizon when necessary and use the Mobley via WIFI most of the time. We keep a 4GB plan on Verizom for areas with poor Mobley footprint or throttled speeds. BTW have not found any areas where Mobley didn't work just fine. Monthly bill for unlimited mobley is only $20.00 per month. Noticed that newcomers may have to pay $29.00 per month now. As usual Verizon will raise the rate for new contracts. The retail ATT stores can't keep them on the shelves, online runs out frequently, but check every day until they are available. ZTE from ATT is $99 or free with two year contract. Best buy and Amazon have them for around $179. Do not buy from eBay in particular Canadian sellers. Canadian Mobley's have different firmware and do not work on domestic ATT.
  21. I love my ZTE Mobley from ATT. It provides unlimited high speed internet 4G/LTE at a price that can't be beat, $20.00 month plus tax. Use it everywhere throughout the south, great footprint in my turf.
  22. Anyone put Bilstiens on Winny Journey 32" ? Whats generally the cost of set of Bilstiens for a DP?
  23. Don't believe anything the Camping World people tell you without doing your homework. They generally have few truly qualified service techs, and tend to take your money and push you out the door.
  24. It is my opinion that most motor home owners fall in distinctly different categories, 1. those that do very little on their coaches and pay someone else to do everything required, 2. those that do all they can, and learn to do those things that they don't already know. Rarely will the latter pay to get work done they can do themselves. A motor home is like a airplane, for every hour/mile on the road or in the air, a specific degree/dollar amount of maintenance and service is required. Even in storage maintenance is required. I think a motor home also fits the age old adage referring to boats "a hole in the water that you throw money in". If my theory is correct, than those who do nothing need to have very deep pockets, and those that do what they can still will spend a significant amount of time and money learning what they don't know, and maintaining their equipment. You gotta love it!
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