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  1. Currently we have two HD (High Definition) Direct TV satellite receivers and three regular satellite receivers that are hard wired with coaxial cables to the receivers from the satellite antenna in our home. We take the satellite receiver from our bedroom TV and use it in the RV when we are away from home. Does anyone know if we can continue to take a receiver and use it in the RV if we convert to the new Direct TV "Genie" wireless system? We are trying to avoid extra charges as we use the RV intermittently. If we get only HD receivers with the "Genie System"; will we be able to watch two different channels on the front and rear TV in the RV. Currently both TVs are on the same channel when using the satellite for reception. Our RV has been updated with HD ready LED TVs and Winegard Trav'ler Automatic-Multi-Satellite Slimline TV antenna. Thanks if you can answer our questions.
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