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  1. I pulled ignition fuss 13 with the engine running and had a spark. I tried to re-insert the fuss and had a lot of sparks and had to turn off the engine. I was surprised it turned off when I turned the key. I continued with fusses 14-24 and not a spark and the engine continued to run. I turned the ignition key and the engine stopped. Like I solved my problem but I really did not do repair anything. Would you recommend I do anything more?
  2. I pulled fuss 13 (Dash/AC) and had a spark when I pulled it, the engine continued running. I tried to re-insert the fuss and had a lot of sparks which prevented me from re-inserting it. I turned the ignition key off and the engine stopped. I re-inserted fuss 13 and restarted the engine continuing with fuss 14-24. Never another spark and the engine continued running. I turned the ignition key off and the engine stopped. Would you recommend I do anything more?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I spoke with Monaco today and they suggested to go to fuses 13-24 and pull each one by one until the engine stops. That would be the circuit causing the power back feed problem. I'll let you know how I make out.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I had to replace an alternator about 15 months ago, first time this has happened. I spoke with Monaco today and they also said power back feeding. They said to start the engine and begin pulling fuses 13-24 one by one to see which wire is causing the back-feed. I will let you know how I make out.
  5. I tested the 2 IGN relays and they were O.K. Next I need to locate the fuel shut off solenoid and test it. Monaco/REV has not returned a telephone call. Not very happy with them. I really do not know what to check next if it is not the fuel shut off solenoid. I will report back. Thanks
  6. Thanks for responding. The chassis battery cut-off switch in the battery compartment is a easy way to kill the engine.
  7. I tested the 2 IGN relays and they tested O.K. I shut off the engine in the battery compartment cut off switch. I do not know what the "trigger wire" is. I think I need to find the fuel pump solenoid and test it. Thanks.
  8. 2007 Monaco Cummins ISC does not shut down when turning off ignition. Has anyone else experienced the same. My guess is the IGN 1 or IGN 2 (Start/Run) relay?
  9. WillTory, I do know a rear axle that is not straight will cause some rear tire wear. When my rear axle was out negative 5/32 inch it caused one of the 2 passenger side drive tires to have excessive wear. I had put 2 new tires on the front and moved the one good tire from front to rear. When they moved the rear axle they moved it to a positive 3/32 inch position. Now 20,000 miles later with 58,000 total miles I needed to replace the rear tires and the wear was pretty even.
  10. hermanmullins, The tire is wearing all the way around. The outside rib is gone and smooth. The driver side camber is a positive .2 degree. The passenger side is .0 degree. I will contact Monaco for the camber specifications. Thank you.
  11. The frame shop will be moving the rear axle 3/32 (trailing arm adjustment) so its straight and square. I spoke with an individual with Monaco in Oregon and I said 3/32 is not that much off center. He replied when you take that angle out 27 feet it would be about 5 inches. I understand the geometry. He said they referred a number of units to Josam in Orlando for 4 wheel laser alignments and repairs. I have a frame alignment store approximately 20 miles from my home who does laser alignments and repairs. I telephoned Josam and communicated with a service writer. He wanted copies of the 2 Goodyear alignments which I e-mailed to him. He believes I have a front suspension problem and the driver side tire wear is not being caused by the rear axle being off 3/32. Again, I am really confused by the same tire wear result from a negative 5/32 to a positive 3/32 change to the rear axle.
  12. I have a 2007 Monaco Knight with a RR8R chassis. Two years ago with approximately 32,000 miles the driver side front tire outside rib was totally wore out and needed to be replaced. I went to a local commercial Goodyear Tire shop and asked for a front end alignment and 2 new tires. They informed me the front end was within spec and my problem was the rear axle alignment which was a negative 5/32. They informed me how the repair adjustment is done and I told them to proceed. Now, 2 years later with 20,000 miles on the new front tires the driver side outside rib is wore out. I went back to the same tire shop and they did another 4 wheel alignment and the rear axle is off a positive 3/32. The tech who did the first alignment is no longer their. My question: Why is the same driver side front tire outside rib wearing out? The axle was adjusted from a negative to a positive position and I would have thought the passenger side front tire would have been wore out. The motorhome is currently at a frame alignment shop and getting a laser 4 wheel alignment. The frame alignment shop confirmed the Goodyear alignment and that the front axle is within specification. They are adjusting the rear axle. I just purchased 6 new tires and want this problem to go away.
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