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  1. You and Diane did such a great job with the Rally at Cape Hatteras. It was wonderful to see everyone and the seminars were very informative. So sorry to hear about your loss. It really leaves a big hole when we lose a four-legged friend. We have lost two over the years. One bit of advice--don't rush into getting another. Give yourselves time to process the loss. We will be thinking about you.
  2. We towed travel trailers for years. If your truck is a 1 ton dually, you are fine if it's rated to tow that amount of weight. Just don't try to tow a unit that your tow vehicle is not rated to do so. Also, the 5th wheel may weigh considerably more once you load your "stuff" in it, and if you plan to carry much water. Pushing a tow vehicle beyond it's capabilities is a recipe for disaster for you and the others you share the road with. You need the power not only to tow the 5th wheel, but to stop it isafely within a short distance--in an emergency. Safe and Happy RVing.
  3. We suffered battery drain on our Chevy Cobalt--I inadvertantly left the headlights on. Be sure the A/C, headlights, radio, etc are off before towing. We've had no further problems since I became more observant of the correct pre-tow check list. Good luck!!
  4. We have a dome dish on our motorhome, and have Direct TV at our home. All we have to do is take one of our receivers with us in the motorhome. On the back of the receiver you have a choice of Channel 3 0r 4. Just be sure to tune the tv to which ever channel you choose on the Direct TV receiver. We have never had a reception problem. The nice thing about the dome is it automatically searches for the satellites and locks on to them. When we had the travel trailer, we had a portable dish that we mounted on a post attached to the ladder. The aggravation was getting it aimed properly at the satellites. Using a satellite finder made it a lot easier, but at times it was a pain. One advantage of the portable vs dome is you have some flexibility getting the dish around trees. With the dome, if there are trees between you and the satellites, you are out of luck and stuck with the regular antenna.
  5. :)We tow a 2009 Chevy Cobalt four down and the towed miles do not register on the odometer.
  6. We just had the base plate, etc., installed on our 2009 Chevy Cobalt so we can tow it four wheels down with the Roadmaster All-Terrain tow bar. The only modification this vehicle needs is the removal of Fuse #8 from the fuse panel on the passenger side of the console. The fuse is located to the far right of the panel and in the third position from the bottom. You almost need a "trained mouse" to get to this to remove or replace it. Does anyone have a easy way to do this?
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