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  1. Thinking of buying my friends Winegard Roadtrip minimax in-motion satellite. Anyone have input if they work well or problematic. Thanks Dennis
  2. Rich, I have W22 and yes two 5amp fuses left/right. I also checked the 20amp. all are good. I hate electrical problems. I check with WCA tomorrow. Thanks Dennis
  3. Running/Marker light problem. 2003 Monaco Monarch Workhouse chassis. I turn on the marker and/or head lights they work fine. When turned off the marker lights stay on. The only way to turn off marker lights is to remove/replace the 5 amp fuse (engine compartment). ????? What do I check or how do I fix? Would appreciate help.
  4. Thanks Brett, tire pressure is good and tires are new; will check shocks tomorrow. Alignment seems to be good doesn't pull either way. Just took it out two weeks ago approx 3 hours each way. It drove good except steering wheel movement "back and fourth" but not a killer. Other than the wind. Going underneath bridge good but coming out "did not like" immediate shifted sideways. My coach does not any sway bar at all "front or rear". Whats better in your opinion (track bar or sway bar). Dennis
  5. ** DECISION TIME** Can someone help me with my decision. I have a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE36 on a Workorse W 22 chassis, Chevy motor and Allison trans and 22 inch tires; coach has 11,500 miles. I'm ready to start my suspension upgrade. Sway bars front and rear (Hellwig, Roadmaster or Blue Ox), steering stabilizer (Safe T Plus, Steer Safe, Roadmaster or Blue Ox), steering bell crank (super steer) shocks (Koni or ?). Not sure what I should bundle together for the right ride. While driving you constantly have to move steering wheel to keep steady and it does sway for wind and trucks. The bounce not bad but could be better. Would appreciate your help. Also what's the best place for pricing. Thank You Dennis
  6. Thanks Clay for info. I do have a question then. I have square tube bars in the front and rear that are attached to the leaf springs. But the bars that i'm use to are the round tubes. There made by Roadmaster and Helwig. Have you ever looked into this type for better handling. What have you done for the stabilizer bar.
  7. Can anyone help with finding sway bars for front and rear of a workhorse w22 chassis. 2003 Monaco Monarch se36. Possibly looking for used. I've looked on line for salvage yards but which one can I trust. Thanks Dennis
  8. I just did some services my self and saved alot of $$$. As long as your mechanically able its nothing more than a car. Just read up on the specs; you should definitley know the model numbers of your components your working on (example: is the trans. due to the gaskets, size of pan, filters, etc). You can buy everything thru your local auto parts store. If you can't figure it out come back and post help on this site; it worked for me. I love FMCA and its members; theres alot of knowledge. It's definitley helped me out of hair pulling problems.
  9. Thanks for input. I have a W22 which is the WorkHorse Chassis, 8.1 chevy. it's a SE 36 DBD
  10. I have a 2003 Monaco Monarch 36. Which steering stabilizer is the best one. I've heard of the following three brands: Blue Ox , Safe-T-Steer , SteerSafe. Also would it help a lot to also add a Sway Bar.
  11. Rich, Thanks, it was the marker light 10 amp fuse; missed that one. But now another problem. The marker lights stay on all the time. Also do you know anything about a gray wire that is bundled together with the trailer wiring; I don't know where to wire in or if I need to use it. ? and the rear tail light ambers stopped working except blinkers.
  12. Can anyone out there help me. I just bought a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE 36 DBD. Normally I can wire up a 7 pin plug with no problem until now. I'm only using 4 pins at this time; tail light, left turn, right turn and ground. the left and right turn working fine but can not get the running lights to work. No power. I've undone all the wiring in the back above hitch and tested each line. I also looked for an in-line fuse but can't find one. I check the fuse box in the engine compartment; it was good. What do I do now?
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