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  1. Thanks Richard. I used the GVWR from the Winnebago sticker in the motorhome and the GCWR from Mercedes Benz literature. I weighed the motorhome at two different certified scales and, not surprisingly I guess, the weights were the same. Winnebago will only comment on the weight rating of the hitch but they did provide a link to an interesting piece - https://www.lichtsinn.com/blog/how-much-can-a-motorhome-tow/. The bottom line for me is that we would either be over the max or very close. With the diminishing number of vehicles that are towable four wheels down we decided to abandon that approach and buy a smaller front wheel drive vehicle and get a tow dolly. In that case we will be towing just over 3,000 pounds.
  2. So we were looking for a new tow vehicle to pull behind our 2016 Winnebago View. Its hitch is rated at 5000 pounds. We settled on a 2018 GMC Canyon with the correct transmission/transfer case. According to FMCA's towing guide for 2018 the Canyon's estimated weight is 4140 pounds. We thought we were fine. That's not the case though. The actual weight of my Canyon (SLE crew cab, 6 foot box) is closer to 4600 pounds which seems fine until we delved further into the View's towing capacity. Subtracting the GVWR from the GCWR we are left with 4219 pounds. Now we have a problem as the Canyon's weight exceeds the towing capacity by almost 400 pounds. It pays to double check all weights.
  3. Has anyone been on the Fanatsy Tours trip to the Kentucky Derby or stayed at the Kentucky Exposition Center campground? Just interested in ny reviews of the campground as the google reviews we have seen are a couple of years old.
  4. jarjour

    Dunlop Tires

    Just want to close the loop on this. I considered a lot of brands when looking to replace the 7 year old Goodyear's and ended up with Toyo's! Very pleased with the ride and quietness of these tires especially considering the price relative to the alternatives. Only time will tell how they hold up. Again, thanks for all the help.
  5. jarjour

    Dunlop Tires

    Thanks for your responses. The BFG's certainly seem to be the way to go relative to the higher priced Michelins. Interestingly at the shop I spoke with the Goodyear's are more expensive than the Micheins! Also, from what I can tell the BFG's can be bought through the Michelin Advantage program. Planning to contact both FMCA and Michelin to confirm.
  6. jarjour

    Dunlop Tires

    Anyone had experience with Dunlop tires? I am looking to replace 255/70/22.5 for my motorhome. I have been looking at the Michelin Advantage Program. The Michelin's are $500 (FET included) whereas a dealer near Savannah is offering six Dunlop SP 160's for $2441, mounted, balanced and taxes in. That's just over $400 each. Seems kie a great deal but there is very little information on them in motor home applications. Any advice appreciated.
  7. We have had the same problem with an 08 Holiday Rambler Vacationer and also have been at wits end trying to solve it. Interestingly, we had to repair the bottom, front of the driver-side slideout as a result of another issue and we no longer have the wet carpet problem. No idea why but extremely happy to no longer have that issue.
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