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  1. The best thing we found to STAY connected even driving down the road is our Mi-Fi. It cost $50 per month. We use AT&T. We use to have a USB stick but found it didn't work very often. We live in Nevada and going from here to anywhere we have a lot of desert. But this Mi-Fi is awesome. We got it at best buy. Good luck!
  2. We are experiencing water seeping in our slideouts and the result is a mildewy odor in our cabinets, We have actually taken our Class A Monaco motorhome back to the manufacturer and had two of the slideouts repaired. They were drenched in water in the walls so all insulation had to be removed and replaced with new but that was when our motorhome was less than one year old. Now we are experiencing it in our full wall slide. How do you get to the seam when it is a full wall (28' long with a slideout cover over it? So my husband is thinking about drilling from the inside of the cabinet somehow and putting vents in? Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, please advise as to what works! Thank you.
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