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  1. We will be in Gettysburg PA in July and the roads to highway 76 to 70 look very curvy. Need some suggestions to get to 70 west.
  2. What's the best route to void high altitudes like Albuquerque?
  3. What about to Ashland and Bayfield-- were they closed due to flooding? We will be coming from Door County. Who do we check with to see about road conditions?
  4. We are going to go see the Apostle Islands in northern WI. Any recommendations for campgrounds in area?
  5. We want to run refrigerator and normally run propane but heard it could be dangerous.
  6. Pros and cons of driving with either propane or generator? We have a gas Motorhome.
  7. Thanks all, we will take the high road and check out the salvage place!
  8. thanks, we drove through ark once and it was so twisty my husband white knuckled it. if thats all it is is about 3 hours i would rather go 44-65
  9. Best route in motorhome from Bentonville AR to Branson MO?
  10. Thanks, do you know of any Walmarts there that have camping.
  11. Can't find any campgrounds near Bentonville Arkansas. Has anyone been there and where did you stay?
  12. We will be staying in Arizona February through March and would like to take a side trip to southern California. Any nice campgrounds near coast. We don't want to get to close to LA metropolitan area.
  13. We are planning trip to South Haven and Ann Arbor, Michigan, in July. Any recommendations on campgrounds?
  14. Any decent campgrounds between W. Memphis and Little Rock on I 40?
  15. We will be traveling next month and have never stayed at a Walmart. How do you know if it is in a safe neighborhood. How would you compare staying at a Walmart, cracker barrel or truck stop?
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