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  1. Hi. We're new RV owners with a 2013 Coachmen Encounter. We've had trouble with the generator operating the air conditioners - and it's about 90 degrees around here! All works well when hooked up to electric at a campground. When the generator is on, we disconnect the power cord to the garage, and I think the inverter "AC in" is supposed to still be on, but it's not. The house batteries also do not appear to be charging when the generator (only) is on. The AC usually won't even switch on. If the engine is running, sometimes it will switch on, but drain the batteries until it switches off again. We've read all the instructions (which aren't specific to our model), but they're not too helpful to troubleshoot specific problems. Is there a switch or trick to making the generator primary power source? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy camping.
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