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  1. Thank you for your response! You brought up a great point- Blue OX does allow 4", however, Roadmaster only allows 3". My receiver height is 27", & my Smart Car is only 12" high at tow bar level. THIS TIME, I have a more difficult question. Does anyone know if I can "stack" 2 RV hitch High-low adapters; say a 10" to a 2", or would we be better off if I "stack" these in 2 equal high-low adapters, such as 2 - 6" drops, if this is something that I can even do? If I can stack High-Low hitch adapters, using very strong locking barbell type pins, all will be solved. Oh all knowing ones, please answer my question.... Does this at least sound feasible??? I very much appreciate your help!
  2. Multi-year RV owner (02 Bounder 36u), first trip towing my Smart car. 12" difference between car & RV. I know you can have 3" difference between the heights. Did any of you have any large differences in height with how low the Smart Car is & how tall the RV's tend to be, and how did you fix this properly? Did you find that you needed an extender to that your car or tow bar sis not strike the back of your RV when pulling tight corners? If so, how long did you need? Leaving soon, praying Camping world will save me, will only have car with me when I stop by. I have found their knowledge lacking in a couple other areas, so I am hoping someone will be kind and help me before my 10 hour trip!
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