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  1. We have one urgent need with regard to RVing that we would like to resolve soon. We are looking for the best way to get internet access when on the road. Or, more accurately, when parked while travelling. Since we plan to spend part of the year in Mexico it seems that a satellite connection will be the only viable option for us. We will be travelling mostly on the west side of the continent between southern British Columbia and Mexico City, so we will likely to need to access a mexican satellite at least some of the time. It appears there are two basic types of systems: 1. A dish attached to the roof which automatically finds the satellite, with an equipment/installation cost of around $5000, or: 2. A dish which has to be assembled on a tripod and aligned manually, for about $1500. We are looking at systems of the latter - tripod - type, and are hoping to get input from members who are already using such equipment. Any information about systems that have been found to work well or, alternatively, cautions about mistakes to avoid will be very much appreciated. Rodney and Shirley
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