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  1. I tow my Prius on a KarKaddy Car Dolly by Demco, I have had no problems with anything on it. I like the surge brakes for the simplicity of it (no hookup, just works). If something happens to the Prius I can get another car and tow it without modification if it is a "normal" front drive car or another Prius. AND when I get where I am going I unload and I sight-see with the Prius that costs less to drive than my motorcycle!! I have never had a problem from any RV Park concerning the Car Dolly, if I do I will just excuse myself and go elsewhere, in my MOTOR home, it moves!!
  2. I tow with a Kar Kaddy dolly. We tow a Prius which cannot be towed on all 4. I have no problem hooking up and unloading etc. The tow dolly has surge brakes which work very well. I have looked at 4 down towing and I find it pretty expensive for the equipment. I purchased the Kar Kaddy for less than $1200.00 used and can use it with any front wheel drive car. The Prius is cheaper to drive than my motorcycle so that helps a lot when we are parked. YMMV
  3. I tow my Prius with a KarKaddy by Demco. Works just fine all the time...
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