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  1. Thank You FMCA for this assistance program. My travel assistance with another carrier expires this month & we felt we just didn't need the expense at this time so we were letting it expire. Now with our paid dues we still have coverage starting in Oct. if an unexpected event should happen we will be covered.
  2. Is the NC State Fairgrounds Campground open year round or just for events at the fairgrounds or stadium?
  3. I am currently sitting in my 2013 42' Winnebago. But next week I will be in the Black Hills area camping in some campground with my wife in a 2 man tent. Makes me wonder how you would treat me & my wife. As stated first impressions may not be what they appear to be. Just thinking we appear to be the 180' difference from the motor home owners. Life is funny. It doesn't matter what you drive or where you live or what you live in.
  4. We almost always stay for 3 months or more. My wife is a traveling nurse & she uses the motor home as her home away from home with 3 month contracts at hospitals all over the country. We have found that on average we pay $350 month through out the year. This includes going to Fl for the winters & somewhere in the southern eastern states to central states in the spring/summer/fall. About 1/2 of where we have stayed in the past 4+ years include the electric in the price of rent. The average cost of electric in the places we have stayed is $0.12kwh. We can be very conservative when paying for electricity. Not to say we are wasteful when not. But our electric bills have ranged from $30 to $100 a month depending on climate. It seems ac uses the most. However in your case you could easily travel to the northern states in the summer & southern states in the winter when the ac or heater usage will be less than in other parts of the country. Sorry to get away from the op's introduction.To the OP welcome to the forum I am new here also, but not new to RVing. Great looking family & cool cats.
  5. We are currently from Concord, NC. We have our house up for sale & plan on becoming full timers in our 2013 Winnebago Journey. My wife & I are still working. I work for a major airline as a mechanic & my wife is a traveling RN who specializes in ER's. She is currently on contract in Gaffney SC. Hopefully she will stay here until we sell our house or it gets cold out & we decide she should migrate south to FL or TX. We have been doing the camping thing as long as both of us can remember. We graduated from a 2 man tent to our first motor home in 2008. However we still use that 2 man tent. The motor home just doesn't feel like camping.
  6. If you take I-95 through DC & Baltimore. I would suggest you take the bypasses. If you are carrying propane you can not go through the tunnel/bridges that go through Baltimore, which is I-95, I-895 & I-695 South. You should try I-695 North. It is 15 miles longer, but no restrictions. I have no idea about NYC, never been there. However my 1st wife & I went to Mystic Seaport on our honeymoon. That was a loooonnnng time ago. Very interesting from what I remember. I lived in Middletown CT at the time & the wife was from Pittsburgh PA.
  7. I use 2 surge protectors. My new MH has a surge protector hard wired in from the factory. Our old MH did not have a surge protector, so we bought a Progressive industries 50 amp voltage & surge protector for it. I use both because I have it. I figure it may save my power cord & anything else in line prior to the hard wired one. I wouldn't go out and buy both if I needed just one, but I figure if I have it use it.
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