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  1. Beware of Albany RV //AKA //RVOne They offer competitive pricing, will assure you that all will be taking care of to make sure your satisfied. Well the pricing is true, but that's about it. I wished that I had the foresight to read complaints lodged agaist them from the NYS Attorneys General Office, The NYS consumer fraud division and many reviews listed on goggle (Read for yourselves) Once we signed contracts, turned over our trade in, gave our cash down payment. We were told up to that point that our new/used DP was ready.( down right BS) Well we go over to where they have it parked and nothing has been done. There's evidence that someone has been sleeping in the unit, cigarette burns in the couch plus other damages; none of agreed items were fixed or repaired. It was so bad, that we were unable to take it, making our 2 1/2 hr. ride wasted. In addition we had to drive our trade in back the 2 1/2 hrs to our home (fuel cost 75.00). We had reservations at a local CG for the 4th of July weekend/ that' cost us 175.00 in loss CG fees it was non refundable due to holiday weekend Then we had to wait until the day after the 4th of July for it to be delivered Then there was the 3 hour wait. was supposed to be delivered at 5pm got it at 9pm in the dark/.on the 5th of July. Found over half of the items to be taken care of, were not. Was told by Albany RV// RV One; "that they would be on it right away". Now it's been weeks nothing has happened. Keep calling and no answer to any of our messages, with exception that the service writer is waiting on authorzation to order parts( from who? he doesn't know)They don't return phone calls. Now we're forced to contact our attorney and have started legal actions. Please Pass along to all who would consider buying from Albany RV, who is RV One. One word "Don't" They will be there until they get the money, so if someone insists on buying from there, do not give them the money until you have everything that they agreed to at time of commitment, otherwise you'll never get what was agreed to. And I understand that if you have had issues in the past with then, that you are to contact the New York Attorney General office, if you have not filed a grevience. As I've been told that they are under investigation, and are seeking others who have been defrauded.
  2. I had a gasser Ford 460 with a 3 speed auto on a Oshkosh chassis. It came with a gear venders overdrive system. Fully overloaded heading into the mid Atlantic states I would average about 9 to 9.5 MPG. When we headed up into the mountains of the northeast fully overloaded we got about 6 to 6.4. Has a lot to due with driving habits, type of fuel, wind conditions and total wt. I believe that without the gear venders overdrive that we would of had to figure GPM not MPG. Recently we traded up our gasser to a 22,550 lb. diesel. I'm hoping the MPG figures improves a little with the diesel.
  3. if you haven't commited yourself to a route already, and being a retired 18 wheeler driver who lives in the catskills of NY; I would travel by way of I-495 in DC to I-270MD to RT15 MD to Rt 15 PA to I-81PA to I-84PA thru NY and into Ct. at that point I would take I-691(exit27, stay on I-691 until end and follow signs to RT-9 so.) to Ct state Rt-9 so. to I-95 no CT..Reasons being: miss all eastern seaborard traffic, see great country, avoid expensive tolls and bumper to bumper traffic from the time you would enter NJ untill you get past Boston. I would of stayed on I-84 till I-90MA, but you mentioned that your planning on a visit to Mystic Ct.. I would also consider stopping at Old Orchard Beach ME as its a nice seacoast town with 3 campgrounds located within walking distance to town & boardwalk, with fresh lobsters and clams. And one more thing; when you get to the PA NY border, as you go across the delaware river, you will see the 1st exit in NY.That will give you an oppertunity to stop in NJ for reasonable price fuel. When travaling in this region you will see a moument up on the top of high point mountain; that is where the 3 states (NY,NJ & PA meet at 1 point, big rig friendly, and a number of cheap fuel stops, all off exit 1 in ny. After that fuel will become pricey.
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