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    New Roof

    A friend of mine has a 40' Winnebago Tour, his roof peeled off starting from the front when driving in high wind. This happened last fall and he just got it out of the shop, $28K to replace the roof. Fortunately he had an extended service plan, he has had more than his share of problems with this coach. Jim
  2. You inverter/charger should be maintaining your batteries at around 13.3-13.6 volts. Have you checked what you voltage is? Jim
  3. I would contact Magnum, they were very helpful when I upgraded my charger/inverter. Jim
  4. Best fish around the Pacific NW is in Astoria, OR. the name of the place is the BOW PICKER, it an old boat on a trailer in the parking lot across from the Mainers Museum Jim.
  5. Have you checked the circuit bkr on the generator? Not sure how you switch from shore power to generator, I had one that you manually has to transfer a the power cord from shore power to generator. Jim
  6. You also take the WA State ferry from Anacortes to Sidney BC (Vancouver Island) it will stop in the San Juan Islands on the way. They run a half price special for RV's in the summer months. Jim
  7. I have had a couple of motorhomes that had the charger/converters without an inverter. The charger/inverter charging capacity was pitiful, I'm thinking it was less than 10 amps. I installed a 50A stand alone battery charger and the 4500 watt generator meet all of my needs. Jim
  8. Please tell a non Texans what the difference between Chicken Fried Steak and Country Fried Steak. I lived in Star County for two years, and I was told that it's not considered Texas by real Texans, however they had good Chicken Fried Steak. Jim
  9. Not sure what kind of access from the bedroom, but on my coach you just remove the floor hatch next to the bed and fill cap in the valve cover is right there. I never have tried to use the on from the outside. Jim
  10. abyrd


    The inverter provides 110v AC power to dedicated circuit when you are not plugged in to shore power or when you are not running your generator. The inverter is powered by you 12 volt DC house batteries and is not designed for appliance that require large amounts of power such as space heaters. Typically you will find it will power circuits to your microwave, TV, VCR and one or two other receptacles. The inverter can be programed on come on automatically in the absence of 110 V AC power from shore power or your generator, Hope this answers your question. Also, welcome to the form. Jim
  11. Good pint Richard. Thanks,
  12. You might try a strap wrench, it won't damage the chrome shaft. Jim
  13. Kay, I'm going to first install the generator auto start and see how that works out, If that satisfy my needs, I will install the dedicated generator starting battery and will incorporate combiner/isolator as you recommended. Thanks for your advice. Jim
  14. Attached is RV Generator Owner Handbook by Onan with interesting information on how long it takes to charge different capacity battery banks with different rates of charge. Onan RV Generator Handbook.pdf
  15. Kay I have a automatic battery combiner between house and chassis battery banks, and yes it does the job, just concerned of overloading the chassis alternator, it rated at 160 amps. The owners manual specifically states the chassis alternator is not designed to charge a dead battery. Jim
  16. I carry a short set of jumper cables just for that purpose. I also carry a Honda i2000 portable generator that can be used for last resort. Jim
  17. Attached is an Onan RV Generation Handbook, it contains some interesting information on how long it takes to charge different capacity battery banks depending on you charger capacity. Onan RV Generator Handbook.pdf
  18. For all of you that have the auto start feature on your generator, what voltage do you have the set point for the generator auto start? Also, have you had any problem with the generator starting at that level when the outside temperature is <32 F? Thanks, Jim
  19. Onan offers a charging system option for their Quiet Diesel, I don't know if it is incorporated with a separate alternator or if it is incorporated in the main generator system. I will be checking with them. The simplest probably would just to have a dedicated smart charger. Jim
  20. Carl, No, I don't have any solar panels. I have considered them , but being in the Pacific NW, nut sure if it I would get much bang for my bucks. I am considering the dedicated generator starting battery and auto generator start option. Thanks for your suggestion. Jim
  21. Acording to my electrical schematics the source of power to energize the relay when you press the emergency start is the house batteries, is the house voltage is already low it might not be much help. I will try it the next I run across the situation. Thanks for the suggestion. Jim
  22. Sorry that I am difficulty explaining my situation. I have the typical DP battery systems. 1. Chassis Batteries (2, 12 v batteries parallel) Starts Main engine, charged by main engine alternator when engine is running 2. House Batteries 4, 6 volt batteries series/parallel). Provides 12 volt for house and starting voltage to Onan. House batteries are charged by inverter/charger when connected to shore power or when generator is running and by main engine alternator when traveling down road. Hope this clears up any confusion. I'm not a novice at RVing, this in my 6th MH over 42 year period and my career was in operations and maintenance of hydroelectric for over fifty years. I continue to work as a consultant performing evaluations and assessments of hydro power plants to determine current conditions, performance and operating costs for prospective buyers. Thanks, Jim
  23. Sorry to confuse you, I considered the coach and house the same (4 six volt series/parallel) they now provide starting for generator. No, I do not have a charging circuit in generator. I would place an automatic battery combiner in the positive circuit of the new dedicated generator starting battery and coach/house bank to charge the dedicated generator starting battery. Jim
  24. Has anyone installed a dedicated battery to start you Onan 7500 Quite Diesel? I have found that when boon docking in cold weather if I allow my coach batteries do drop below 50% charge that my generator struggles to start. I have checked the glow plugs and all tested OK. The generator starts up just fine if house batteries are fully charged under cold conditions (<32 degrees). My generator is mounted on a slide and there is plenty of space to mount a battery on the back of the generation enclosure, this would eliminate the long run of cable to the coach batteries and is also give you the assurance that you would a fully charged battery for stating your generator. An thoughts would be appreciated. Jim
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