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  1. Nick, been trying to get into a new GM truck since 2006 but not willing to buy one with less 'nice' features than the 2002 LT had. Each year more is cut from interior and in last couple of years (anything made after last half of 2010 cannot be dinghy towed) GM cut out dinghy tow. Email me with any 2002 2500HD LT ExtCab 4x4 loaded 6.6' bed excellent condition leads that have proper config to be dinghy towed since USA no longer makes loaded trucks that can be dinghy towed. . 1. How many miles do you typically dinghy tow your vehicle yearly? ~7k starting in last few years, will be more each following year as leave is accrued, and subsequently hopefully full-time. 2. What is the total tow mileage you have on your vehicle now? ~35k 3. What is the total tow mileage you expect to put on the vehicle before you upgrade to a new vehicle? 300-foreverk since have no choice since USA loaded trucks are no longer made to dinghy tow and harder to find beds not shorter than 6.6. Will probably by a 2014 King Ranch loaded and use this 2002 for dinghy since I cannot buy a new loaded GM truck on par with 2002 that can be dinghy towed. Plus in last decade the GM interior is void of storage, center console AC ducks to rear of cab gone which also made center console a cooler and allowed driver to control air for riders not capable to, manual knobs for nav, radio and such that GM 2002 and FORD has. Right now I have some diesel used truck dealers searching for GM 2500's with dinghy tow transmittions with great facts and low mileage. Ideally something like this survey and free text should be sent to current early 2k model year owners to inquire why not getting new GM trucks. The RV camps and farm equipment lots used to be nearly all GM, but since mid 2000's our plea's to stop stripping features have been ignored resulting in seeing less and less GM's. I put off buying a new GM over the years in order to wait for GM features to return like arm rests, large door storage can hold safety gear such as harnesses, goggles, welding gloves, kiddie fire ext. , leashes, large metal flashlights, and pliers all in deep wide wells that are not wind or bump affected, multiple interior roof storage bins, ebony interior colors for roof and pillars, black wheel fenders to protect paint from carts, tools, drawers, tie down straps, geez ... endless list of features now gone; but I'm stunned and shocked that dinghy tow was taken away while I was waiting for the standard features to return. Also, why in new trucks is the DEF under the hood instead of more accessible place next to gas pump inlet? I know, ranting, sorry ... our entire family has been loyal GM since 1950's and miffed this generation of the family is being forced into a FORD that cannot be dinghy towed either in order to spare wear on GM trucks that can be dinghy towed. Just in case someone actually cares, interiors with chrome trim, wood trim, etc. are too reflective/blinding and get too hot, look at the loaded 2002 truck, absolutely perfect, more perfect if it had the holes for cool air in the seats ... awh heck ... heat/cool air in rear seats too would be grand. My generation has the money and the most populous at present, and we're not fans of having to take eyes off road or stop on bumpy roads to use touch screen technology, offer both knobs as well as touch screen. Oh, Honda has the best and largest NAV screens ... hint hint. 4. When towing, what is the average amount of time between stops? (be it restroom or fuel)? 30 min just enough time to refuel and do safety checks 5. How often do you stop for a period of 10 min or more? (be it restroom, stretch, eat, fuel)? 2-3 hours depends on mpg, only stop to refuel RV/bus. 6. What is your preferred cruising speed? 70-75 empty highway, 55-65 or in tandum with other traffic in more congested areas. 7. Do you use a rock shield? no 8. Where does the rock shield mount (bumper,towbar,dinghy, or... so what type)? n/a, but if I did, would be on tow bar so could use for any vehicle towed.
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