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  1. Your right, it is a Exhaust Brake..old habit to call it a Jake Brake. When I start it up again I will check out this economy setting and read up on it. Thanks!
  2. Hi I have a 2005 KS Pusher 330 Cummins and Allison. This push button thing total confuses me! Give me 9 speed manuel any time. I can't seem to feel when I need to downshif on the climb or if it is auto shift. I'm short, so I have to look over and behind my left arm to see the mode. Do I have the economy? I down shift as I get steeper, and also use my jake down hill and stop and go. I think the worst pull have been on so far is HWY 160 from I-15 in Vegas to Pahrump NV. That was work! The worst road I wrongly got on was Hwy CA 178 from Lake Isabella, CA to Bakersfield, CA. Not for the weak of heart! Thanks Cookie
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