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  1. We are looking to take a trip from Tampa, Fl to Fredericksburg, VA. Any suggestions on the best route(s) and places to stop overnight. Interesting things to see would also be appreciated. We are Passport America members so looking to take advantage of the discounts. We probably won't travel more than 4 to 5 hours a day.
  2. Which campground in or around St. Augustine, Florida, for a Class A motorhome would anyone recommend? Thanks. Dan
  3. I plug my coach into a 50 amp service with a surge protector. The surge protector shows L1 at 121 volts & L2 at 121 volts. Everything seems OK. Then the Ac's start to cycle on & the system shuts down then back on then down. I checked the breakers & the front ac breaker is tripped, I shut off all the ac's & check the panel & it shows L1 AT 121 volts and pulling 15 amps for the refrigerator. I turn on the water heater & L2 shows 8 volts pulling 18 amps. I can hear the transfer switch clicking & the system shuts down then on then off. Any ideas on what is going on?
  4. We have a 2013 Monaco Knight 40DFT. We call ours "Carried Away" Multiple meanings to us. We got "Carried Away" when we bought it. It "Carries us Away". It is the name of my wife's stores which helped pay for it. Dan & Toni
  5. We are in the planning stages of taking our RV(40ft) up to Ct. for a wedding next September. We are looking at taking 2 to 3 days to get there & same coming back. We want to bypass as many tolls & traffic as possible. Would appreciate recommendations for routes & good stopping points along the way. Also, any ideas on where to stay around Stamford. I know there is a place up in Mystic but that is about an hour north of Stamford. Thanks for taking the time. Dan
  6. 2nd that. Memory foam topper is the way to go. Bought ours on Overstock for $150. 4in thick memory foam. Rolls right up & we place it under our main bed. Dapperdan
  7. We have stayed there several times & it is a great place & staff is always accommodating. Lot's to do. FYI, Turtle Beach campground will not take your 40 footer. Recently when I went in to see about reserving a place, the gentleman(loose term) in the office was nasty. When I told him I had a 40 footer he responded with "we don't take that kind of RV here". He then just turned & walked away from me. I'll spend my $$$ elsewhere. Just because your location is on the beach doesn't give you the right to be nasty to people. IMHO. Dapperdan
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