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  1. My alternator on my coach went out last December and since I had extended warranty I had Freightliner replace it.  It got replaced with a new on very similar then yours 160 amps but I wasn't satisfied.  When I took it to Freightliner I told them BAD ALTERNATOR.  They had to check the battery connection they serviced a month before the sensing wiring and other garbage.  After 4 hours of labor charged to the invoice they came to the same conclusion as I took it in for "BAD ALTERNATOR".  It also caused delays as it took over 24 hours to replace a alternator they had in stock. Then the warranty company would only pay normal labor to replace the alternator not to play around with the wires and I don't blame them.  They ran the bill up to $1100 and the warranty company would pay $650.  With the deductible $850 is the maximum the bill should of been.  I of course had to pay the balance.  BTW the wires to my alternator on the back was easy to get to with some leaning over through the inside hatch.  The connector nuts were very corroded.  

    When it came time to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets, I did them myself as I lost trust in that chassis shop.  


  2. I had that refrigerator trip on my Holiday while I was on my Alaska trip. Happen in a enclosed RV wash up in Fort Nelson, BC. I had to call back to the dealer to learn how to reset it and was in TOK, Alaska before I bypass the entire box about 24 hours later. Lucky no harm done, since reset by magnet had no problem since. Thanks for the hints, I will check my slides for mine had those gutters.

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