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  1. I'm a newby to this site but not to RVing/camping. But the last time we did this we never considered a satellite system for our unit. Today is different though, kids want to play games and parents watch a movie at the same time. With that said, I am looking for a an easy system that will run two (2) tv/receivers that can be portable that will not break the bank. Dish networks Pay As You Go seems reasonable but can someone suggest some equipment to use. I am thinking about using a temporary mount on the top of the ladder at the rear of my fifth wheel which I will take down when traveling the road. It isn't that difficult to put the dish or cube up there if you plan ahead. The only problem I see with this method is aiming, but that I can over come. I know that I can get one that will automatically lock on to a satellite, but again need some suggestions. Thank you!
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