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  1. Thank you Herman, I will give Winegard a call on Monday and see about a remanufactured SK-1000.
  2. My RV Dish Satellite antena, a Wineguard Pathway X1 can no longer find Dish Satellite 129. This started last Sept. and has been an intermittent problem. I do have a clear view of the southern sky. I have called Dish Support and they went through the setup procedure and sent a new signal to it but no luck, it's still not finding satellite 129. Has anyone else had this problem or have a suggestion on how to fix it. Thanks,
  3. BWJoyner

    Uniroyal Tires

    The motorhome has the original Michelin tires on now, the coach is a 2003 model so they are way past due for replacement. I have no specific reason for changing tire brands other than possibly saving some money, Michelin's are pricey.
  4. BWJoyner

    Uniroyal Tires

    I'm in the market for some new tires, size 255/80R-22.5 and the Uniroyal RS20 has been recommended, does anyone have any experience with Uniroyal tires? Some internet research shows they are manufactured by Michelin and are considerably less expensive than Michelin. Any comments would be appreciated.
  5. I tow a 2004 Wrangler X 4.0 I6 with Auto Trans, I use a Road Master All Terrain tow bar with a M & G Engineering brake system on the Wrangler. The All Terrain tow bar makes for easy hook up at almost any angle and the M & G brake system ties into the air brakes on the motorhome, there is a small air tank in the towed vehicle to apply the brakes if the tow should break away from the motorhome. We have used this setup for 2 years now with no issues.
  6. BWJoyner

    Computing Actual TP

    I use a Tire Monitor system and have noticed that the pressure will increase by 8-10 psi after the tires are warm. This may be something to consider when determining the cold psi.
  7. The engine compartment in our Discovery is fairly easy to get to, lift the bed, remove 2 sections of the floor and there is full access to the top and sides of the engine. The Injection Activation Sensor is right where you said it was, screwed into the head near the belt/fan end of the engine, very easy to replace. While I have access to the engine I'll go ahead and do the annual maintenance, clean the engine, check all the belts and hoses, lube the fan bearing, exhaust brake and change the oil. We're planning an extended trip in September so we should be good to go.
  8. Replaced the Injector Activation Sensor today, check engine light is off, codes are gone and engine runs great. Life is GOOD!
  9. jleamont, thanks for your help. I will have a look at it today. Fortunately Holt Caterpillar in West Sacramento is not to far away, I'll drive down and get one.
  10. Rich, on the CAT 3126 I used the engine Cruse Control to find the Check Engine codes, that's where I got the code 39. The plug to access the ECM and check the engine codes with a scan tool on this motorhome is at the rear of the coach above the radiator I believe. The ECM is mounted in one of the compartments near the engine on the passenger side. I'll check the wiring harness tomorrow.
  11. I have a 2003 Discovery on a Freightliner chassis with 3126E Caterpillar engine, 42,000 miles. I am getting a Check Engine Code 39 which appears to be an Injection Actuation Pressure Fault. The engine will start, idle and increase RPM at idle but when the transmission is shifted into drive or reverse the engine will not rev, even at full throttle. We were about 10 miles from home on our last trip and the Check Engine light came on several times but did not stay on, when the light would came on engine would bog felt like it was not getting fuel. I have replaced the fuel filter, it is a 2 micron single filter system, but that did not fix the problem. I have read a couple of post about the Injector Actuation Sensor needing to be replaced but am not sure if that is my problem. Any ideas on what the problem is would be appreciated.
  12. Thank You Fellow Veteran's 1. Bill Joyner 2. USAF 3. 1963-1968 4. E-4 5. Ordnance 6. 1964-65, K-55 South Korea, 1965-1968 Hahn Air Base Germany.
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