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  1. Thanks , will keep looking. Can't find a cleaning company yet but were still searching. What an interesting way to learn about every nook and cranny in your MH. The last place left is the insulation above the water tanks, the DW doesn't want me to take it down for fear we'll never get underway. Id like it to be 100% before we start. Will be fulltiming with a 6 year old for a year.
  2. Has anyone out there encountered cleaning up after mice in a Dutch Star. We've vacuumed and run bleached rags through the heating plenum and picked up quite a bit of debris. There seems to be quite a smell from the holding tank and water access areas. Bleached everything we can access and replaced the flexible ducting in the heating system. No bodies yet, but were ready to pull our hair out.
  3. We have a 2002 Dutch Star DP 350 Cummins on a Spartan Chassis and are looking at purchasing a 2005 Ford Focus Wagon for a toad. First timers about to travel for a year in the RV. How involved is the modification to the toad for towing. Then we have to worry about what type of braking system to get. Any advice out there.
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