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  1. I have a 2004 Monaco Dynasty. When I try to bring 120-volts into the bus, the Aladin on shows 99 or 100 volts, then kicks off. I have tested the cord coming into the bus and I am at 119 volts. Every thing works well when I am at 50-amp shore power or running the generator. Any suggestions?
  2. What sort of maintenance do you recommend? We are new to this landyachting world and have much to learn. We have Roadmaster setup on our 40' Monaco Dynasty. It came with this setup and we've not had any issues with it as yet but would like to know what to look out for. Gayle
  3. Thank you so much. We'll check it out. Our Grandson is trying to find us a place on campus but I doubt seriously that will happen. He's an optimist though. LOL We have noticed during games that coaches park in all kinds of weird areas like beside businesses. Don't know about that. Thank you again. We'll look into the State Park. Sounds wonderful.
  4. We are new to FMCA and are planning a trip to Oxford Mississippi in May. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to stay. We have a 40 foot Monaco Dynasty. Any suggestions would be helpful. Is anyone else going to be there that we can meet up with. Would love to meet some new folks. We have two grandkids graduating from Ole Miss. Gayle and AJ Ross
  5. I would like some advice on flat towing as verses pulling a car hauler. I have a Monaco Dynasty that is rated to pull 10,000 lbs. The car I would like to trailer is about 3,000 lbs. Any thoughts one vs the other.. Thanks
  6. I am new to RV ing but looking for best way to go. I have heard the Mini is a good choice for towing but a Jeep is more practical Any thoughts??
  7. We started off today on our first venture and our transmission is showing the check transmission light and it won 't come out of first gear. Any ideas. It is. 2004 Monaco Dynasty.
  8. We are new to a Monaco Dynasty and have a backup light out. We opened the light up but can't tell if the entire light has to be replaced and if so...how...or if the light lens separates and there is a bult in there to be replaced. Help!
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