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  1. My zone 1&2 fans come on and has cold air. Hot water fine and zone three has hot air, the control has no red lights on all pumps running. Any one ever have this issue?
  2. Received a letter from Tiffin saying the floor heater plugs could have loose wires, to take the panels out remove the plugs trim the wires and reinstall and tork the wires in place. Guess I have a weekend project, don't seem like a bad job to me.
  3. The wife hasn't used our dish washer yet at home or in the coach. She would rather wash by hand. If it's left up to me i'm at least going to try it out for sure don't make sence to me not to use what you have avalible.
  4. Hate to hear of your trouble. had the DEF problem with my new coach also, Freightliner was no help but the Cummins dealer here in Odessa was a big help, the sensor was the problem at first then the pump that injects the fluid was weak it wouldn't work unless the tank was full. After that all has been good. I feel I could also have more peace of mind without the def on mine. Hope all works out for you. Harvey
  5. We stayed at the Colonial del Ray there. Nice park easy in and out-- little tight for big rigs but doable. Found a real nice park I am looking for the name couldn't find it listed but it is top of the line real nice, planning on going back and staying there.
  6. Made it we are @ Pecan Park R. V. Mom Is revved up ready to hit the outlet malls in the am......fun fun. Weather's looking to be cold though, might be better than summer and 110 degree. Guess we will see.
  7. Thank You'll for all the input. We came on down to Corpus Christi, and are going to come back by San Marcos. Am thinking on trying out the Pecan Park on the way back. We are at the Colonia del Rey RV park. Are going exploring in the am. Harvey
  8. You'll are right they almost roll up the streetsthere in the winter. The wife has her heart set on the Christmas show at Dolly Wood-- it runs until Jan 3. We will need to go back in the fall next year to see all the leaves change and enjoy some more that's not closed yet. Found a place called CreekSide RV Park close to Dollywood and think we will reside there this trip and spend some time looking the place over. Can't wait to head the coach east.
  9. Merry Christmas to you Herman and yours. Hope you'll have a Happy and safe New Year. I Agree to all of the service men and women. Thank You!!!!
  10. Sounds good I'll check in on those. @Bill we are planning on going right after Christmas. I think they shut down right after the first.
  11. We are planning a trip there and was wondering if any one had any in put on the best camp grounds on the way, thing to do on the way, and also there.
  12. He should have not stopped at all, must not been as tired as I was I went to bed didn't hear a thing until morning. You guys are right most of the trucks sitting there running there engines staying warm or cold it is a truck stop..I hve never had anyone complain about the slides or gen running..Go figure..
  13. Sounds like the story of the guy going down a road with all the hair pin curves ran his battery down honking at his own tail lights..Lol
  14. We live and work in Odessa Texas. try to Take the RV out every chance we get. Dream of retiring and going full time. Would like to have the time to go stay a week or two at a time in every place we end up. Looking forward to full time..
  15. Stopped by here today thought it was great, just off interstate -20 @ MM 349 Loves Travel right on the corner twenty a night just right for a rest stop. The name of the park is R L RV park. Nice folks. Harvey
  16. Open your cover were your USB port is located. With the car running put your finger down there, step on the brake and release a few times you will find the pin that pops up to release the shifter so you can take it out of park. After you locate it shut the engine down pull it up and shift the gear selector to N without powering up the dash. Hope this helps I've had zero dead battery's by doing this. Harvey
  17. Filled up today in west Texas 3.68 gal. Then on the way to Dallas area seemed 3.75 was the going price. Harvey
  18. LOL. When he said "come apart" he just means Cummins that's slang a lot of mechanics call them. "Come apart" kinda like Caterpillar is "scat a pillar". Believe me they all can come apart.
  19. Checked with my agent today he said all I would have to pay was the deductible. I thought that's good one less worry.
  20. Any one know of a Manafacture that makes fitted ones for coaches?
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