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  1. Hello, I am new here and new to the idea of a Class A motorhome. Married almost 48 years (ages 66 and 67), we have had every kind of camper, starting with a tent, then popup, have owned travel trailers and fifth wheels, as well as a couple of C class. We never kept any of them for extremely long periods of time, because we were still working and just couldn't seem to find time to use it "enough." At that time, we wanted a "camper." We have always said we would be interested in a motorhome when we are both retired. That is about to happen, and so we are in the market for a motorhome. We have a large home, and the motorhome will not replace our house. Our son and family just moved from us (MO) to Washington state, so we now have even more motivation for those road trips we love. All that to say, we will be traveling in it a lot but also will want to "live" in it for short periods of time (not so much "camping" at this point in time). We have just begun the research process and have about settled on a size (something we would feel comfortable driving, being new to this, and not wanting to start off towing a vehicle)--probably around 32 to 34 feet. We don't even know whether we should go gas or diesel. We will definitely want new, not used. I realize that a lot of decisions would be based on personal preference, but I would love to receive input. We have looked at several, and from what we have seen (have not looked at EVERYTHING out there), we are impressed with the Tiffin Allegro. But if anyone would take the time to give us some considerations, we would really appreciate it. Russell & Barbara
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