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  1. Has anyone towed a VW 2013 Beetle manual? I am considering buying one in spring.
  2. I presently own a dolly, but I am considering going to a tow bar. The reason is I live in New York and for me to travel south through N.J. I was told that you can not tow with a dolly on the Jersey Turnpike and also the Garden State Parkway by a fellow camper. He told me a friend of his got pulled over by state trooper and was told to exit immediately. I don't know where you'll be traveling but that might be something to consider. If anyone else has had a problem in Jersey maybe you could share it. That would help with my decision to go to a tow bar
  3. Can anyone recommend a brand A/C D/C LED TV w/DVD for my motorhome. I'm looking for a 22"
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