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  1. Steve Irish USAF/Ret 27 years active and reserve service Airman to LtCol Photo Interpreter/Air Intelligence Officer Served in Air Force Intelligence units at George AFB, CA; Tan Son Nhut, RVN; Yokota AB, Japan; Hickam AFB, Hawaii; Lowry AFB, CO; and various assignments in the Washington, D.C. area and overseas TDYs. The Air Force was life changing. I had several other careers, but the memories acquired and friendships gained in the Air Force I count as exceptional. There's just something about working with dedicated professionals who know their jobs and bond together to carry out important missions that fills you with pride and a sense of accomplishment. We are part of America's history. We won the cold war. We executed the most important mission of the President of the United States - the protection of our citizens from foreign threats and defense of our freedoms. Every time my best friend and my wife cross the threshold of any military base or post in our RV, we feel at home. We get all sappy every time we hear reveille, the National Anthem or taps. We celebrate Veterans Day, stand solemn on Memorial Day, and honor all who served. We are so proud of our country and how our citizens support and honor our troops by sincerely thanking them for their service. I (and many of you) served in a time when that was not so much the case. I hope never to return to those days. "Thank you for YOUR service!!"
  2. I signed up for Progressive as well. I've had USAA for over 30 years and know they will not endorse another insurance company if they think they won't stand behind their product. I included windshield coverage and am currently in the process of filing a windshield claim. For USAA members,if you call the USAA claims, they switch you over to a USAA employee that brokers your claim with Progressive. Service is great!
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