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  1. I have the Sams batteries (4) with my 2000 inverter. Have a Fisher-Packel 17 cf and have left it on the inverter for 2 days using very little batt. power.
  2. I made this same switch years ago and the difference on my speedometer was 2.75 miles per hour. This help me as before the switch it was off by 5 mph!
  3. I have been using a cleaner/conditioner for over a yr. in every tank. This was supposed to take care of lube for injectors and eliminate the environment for microbial contaminants. I just ordered some Bibor jf treatment. Thanks. Also this was the first time that I have brought mh in with out a full tank, my mistake.
  4. Well, problem solved: algae in tank and fuel, partial clogged filters. I had an additive for algae but guess it didn't work.
  5. Thanks for replies, will check these out.
  6. I have a 2000 Monaco Diplomat with a 8.3 ISC Cummins. Before this last incident when I would go to start the MH I would wait until the dash light would go out and crank. The motor would start with very minimum. cranking. The main injector pump went out and I had it replaced. Now after sitting 4 to 5 days and try to crank it takes several moments of cranking to start. Will crank immediately after this first start and the same next day. I have waited several seconds before trying to start to make sure lift pump (replaced last year) is working and it will crank normal. Is there some sort of leak back into system that could cause this problem? There are no fuel leaks. thanks in advance. Charlie
  7. Just had my 2000 Diplomat full body paint at Bruce Deaton's shop in Ala. Had some body work done and total cost was $12,500.
  8. There is a eraser for a drill you can use, but the underside will be brighter than the rest of coach, no sunlight.
  9. I replaced the tires on my 2000 Diplomat from the original 255x70x22.5 to Bridgestone 275x70x22.5. Much better ride.
  10. First try disconnecting the wires at the element. Use a ohm meter to check continuity. If it show open the element is shorted and needs replacement. If it is ok go with the other trouble shooting. Elements shorting or opening is a common problem I have had with a couple of my mh.
  11. Try this: Keith Puckett in Indiana: 574-612-4722. This is where I got mine from. Hope this helps.
  12. Try this link:http://www.nwrvsupply.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=NWRV&Category_Code=05 Scroll to near the bottom of the part list. This is what I used for my 2000 Diplomat. There is a difference in the low coolant sensor relocating to the side. I got this Keith Puckett in Indiana (574-612-4722). MH is in shop now so don't have address. You will have to lengthen the 1/4" line and the elec. wire to the sensor. The part to lengthen are hardware store parts. Hope this helps. Less than $225 total.
  13. On each corner of your base there is a chrome or black insert covering the screw heads. Just be gentle when prying them up as they are plastic. Tighten as required and insert tabs to cover
  14. Bruce Deaton at Custom Paint and Body. I have a Monaco
  15. I just dropped off mh in Red Bay for full paint and will try some stuff when I pick up in 4 wks. Thanks Rich
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