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  1. We have anew 2020 Traverse and says simply push the botton under the shift boot to go into neutral tow. If anyone using is this all correct. I would apperciate ANY help or advice
  2. We have used DirectTV home & coach 2018 Allegro Bus. Wineguard Roof Sat. that allows us watch down the road. Has anyone ever changed over to Dish and can we just take Directs receivers out and put Dish in? Will all work same and how has Dish been? DircTV is impossible to get help or english help? Thanks for any equipment help.
  3. We are long time Allegro Bus owners…. Our Son would like to obtain a Rental for Family with 3 Boys and rent something in San Fran. area end of month. Does anyone know of any dealers, etc. other than Cruise America ?? Thanks…Be Safe Stevie
  4. Have 2010 Allegro Bus and just how often does one change coolant???? This runs hotter than last Bus but have been told "in limits". Is there a Filter for Coolant?
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