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  1. Hi Herman, Gary Hill, garyntut, here... .I am ex Army MP Sgt, retired Calif state peace officer. Do you need any help with the parking? I should be there early Sunday afternoon. Willing to help....209-217-4877
  2. Looks like I both started and killed this thread, so I'll end it with a smile.... Policeman stops this guy for failing to stop at a stop sign. The guy says "Look officer, I almost stopped and I was going really slow". The officer says, "The sign says stop not slow down". The guy says, "Stop/slow down. What's the difference"? The cop pulls out his baton and starts beating the guy and asks, "What do you want ME to do, stop or slow down...."
  3. I know that this thread is old but I think I will leave a note anyway. We bought our 30ft no slides Thor Hurricane Apr 2003 and immediately drove it from Calif to Georgia and back over a three week vacation. When it came time to start for home, we didn't want to go "Home". We spent the next 10 years waiting to retire, get rid of the house, furniture and 40 tears of stuff. We even moved our youngest adult son and his family into the house for a winter and DW and I moved into the motorhome in the drive way. When DW and I were first married ( 1970 ) we began out marital journey in a 30 ft trailer just outside the main post gate at Ft Benning where I was an Army MP. We still have fond memories of that round cornered, veneer plywood interior love nest. I many ways we have come full circle now after 43 yrs. In April of this year we liquidated all assets and began our "end journey". We have no intention of going back to old sticks and bricks way of existence. I don't miss.... working 16 hr shifts, staining decks, busted water pipes, vacuuming 2800 sq ft of carpet and I really don't miss shoveling 3 ft of snow from the driveway (4,000 ft elev). Now when it snows I just fix hot chocolate! We are somewhat new to full timing but after reading thousands of fulltime rv threads we are aware of all the yeas and nays. A person can choose to dwell on the negatives in their life or embrace what is good in life. So far the good out weighs the bad. We have traveled from Calif to Ohio this summer stopping here and there along the way and moving on, when we get the itch. We are in a great rv park www.cottonwoodspark.com/ Columbia Mo. waiting to attend the FMCA Six States Rally in Sedalia Mo. I believe the number one requirement for Fulltiming in 300 sq ft of space is a great fondness for your motorhome partner. Love alone won't make it work. You really have to like your partner. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so be sure to take a looong walk every day. Long walks together help also.
  4. Dang65...X2...my thoughts also but I don't want to cause anymore trouble. I actually cancelled my plan to attend the RV gathering in Amana Iowa last month. Amana Rally info was very slow in coming and, as a result, attendance was undoubtedly diminished. Someone in Washington once said " We have to pass the bill, to see what is in it ". Shallow thinking and inept leadership do not inspire confidence. Again, information is the greatest and most valuable commodity.....garyntut
  5. Thanks Rod and Herman...Information is the most valuable commodity. Being ex- military, I can do without most modern conveniences but my better half expects me to keep her in the style to which she has become accustomed. We are really looking forward to the rally. 5 days to Sedalia...garyntut
  6. New member here. We just signed up for the FMCA South Central Area Rally, in Sedalia Mo. This will be our 1st rv rally ever, so not sure what to expect. We paid $300 for four days during the rally and three days early parking. We were told that we would have full hookups, which to me means elect, water and sewer connections at our rv site. After printing the info for the rally posted by Thelma Hebert, family registrar, I read; ( ELECTRIC, WATER, LEVELING PADS....It is always advisable to arrive with full water and empty holding tanks and an electrical extension cord. All rally sites are intended to be full hookup, except those electing to dry camp ) This advise leaves open ended questions.... #1 If I will have full hookups, why do I need to carry 250# of water 500 mi and then dump it on the ground when I get there. I certainly won't carry it back home for another 500 mi. Am I to expect issues with the water connection? Does the water and sewer part of the "full hookups" consist of a water / honey truck ? #2 If I need to bring an extra 30A extension cord other than the 25 ft that I always carry, why will I need it? I do have one, but not for linking together to reach a power source. Linking 30A cords together creates electrical issues such as over heated cords and plug failure. And how long of an extension cord will be needed. All this makes me wonder if the full hookups are of the conventional RV park type or some cobbled together system with limitations and safety issues. I know that large convention gatherings can be a nightmare to organize and prepare for logistically. I just find the advisory info confusing. Six days from Sedalia.... garyntut
  7. Op... the Tracker / Suzukis have swing tailgates and fold down seats which would accommodate a large dog pen. I am 6' and fit well in all the above.
  8. We tow a 2001 4x4 Chevy Tracker ZR2. 2'5 ltr, automatic trans. The Suzuki Vitara is the exact same vehicle regardless of year as long as it is a second generation model. Tows 4 down with transfer case in neutral. Chevrolet advises run engine and trans for two minutes every 250 mi. to lubricate the transmission, which is not a problem because we rarely drive more than that in a day. These vehicles are out of production but can be found easily and at a good price. Ours has leather seats and all the upgrades ( ZR2 ) The 1st generation Geo Tracker which was a Chevy / Suzuki built in Canada is also a great tow vehicle but had less upgrades than the 2nd gen has. Going back even farther there was the Suzuki Samurai 1986 - 1988. These are no frills 4x4 short wheel base light weight vehicles. Many, many, many motor homers used them as toads in previous years. With the advent of big horse diesel rigs, the Jeep Wrangler is now the most popular with the Hondas a close second. The Tracker/Suzukis are a lot less weight and cheaper and more fun to drive when you get there, especially if you like to go four wheeling. JMHO
  9. To the OP...as you can see there are several options. We use an Apple I Phone ( smart phone ) Wilson Signal Booster / cradle which plugs into any 12 volt outlet ( cig liter ). The Wilson signal booster amplifies a one bar signal to 5 bar every where we have traveled nation wide. We have unlimited ATT minutes and 6 gig internet. IF you don't watch movies / videos / down load music, 6 gig is a lot of internet access. Our set up allows us to use lap top, IPad and phone all at the same time while driving down the road at 60 mph. We also have the Rand Mcnalley 7710 (garmin type thingy ) for road directions and food, gass, rv park locations. In short these electronic gadgets make full time motorhoming a breez.
  10. V10 is a Ford engine and Workhorse is a Chevy chassis, Perhaps you have a hybrid motorhome ?
  11. You may be able to get Bank of the West to accept less than is owed if you have a solid buyer. Especially if you are having difficulty financially ( Loss of job/income etc. ) They would rather have something, rather than nothing. Bank of the West will work with you and freeze your payments for a while ( still accruing interest of course ) until your finances improve. This may depend on your net worth and require you to let them hold any other assets you may have. None of this may apply to you of course... just suggestions. Good luck.
  12. This newby thinks he has found a new home...very impressed
  13. At $5000 per that is cheaper than a traditional burial top side....I suppose you will have to be there already when the big rock hits
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