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  1. Our coach is a Tiffin Allegro Bay FRED 34XB. 300 Cummins, In the two years we have driven 20K miles. The average is 8.9 running 65 with a toad. On one trip broke in to 11 MPG with no toad and driving 55 on the Natchez trace.
  2. Huffy Puffy, thanks for your insights. I went with a 300 Cummins in a Tiffin FRED over a V-10. I get 10 MPG without Toad and 8 MPG with toad. Being a FRED it is a little noisey up front under a load and the Gen Set is in the rear. The Gen Set in the rear makes it a little hard to sleep sometimes. Next MH will be a Pusher.
  3. Tiffin has had it's issue with a slide, but what I am reading here is everybody has slide problems. Georgetown, Thor and others. Tiffin fixed the slide with no issues since. Does Georgetown, (Forest River) take care of that issue? With Tiffin you pretty much go back to Red Bay. How does Georgetown handle it? back to factory or a dealer?
  4. Gramps, some great ideas, especially for us newbies. i need to get the Z boost and some noodles for sure. Your coach is a gas pusher? never heard of that. We just purchased a Tiffin FRED.


    Our new to us 06 allegro bay
  6. I have a 2006 Allegro Bay 34 XB with Atwood Jacks. I think i may have a simalar issue to Briarhopper. When I go to lower my jacks, I get a lot of flashing lights and no action. If I go through the all retract first, even though I did it 400 miles previously, the jacks come up just a inch or two, lock and are ready to extend. I suspect that during travel they may inch down just enough to keep it from working on the first try.
  7. All of my research ( over two years) pointed me to one brand. Tiffin. I purchased a 2006 Allegro Bay and had a few problems that were addressed and fixed for under 2K. For a 7 Year old coach it is tight and I am very impressed with the Tiffin Quality.
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