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  1. I traded a 2013 Thor AEC 27.1 for a 2013 Winnebago Vista 27N on June 29. Hated the ACE quality and handling. Absolutely love the Vista. Handles well without any adjustments or add -ons. Quality is excellent. Like sak66 said lots of room good storage. Well thought-out layout. The only things I don't like are the vent fans (wish they were remote controlled Fantastic Fans, having them converted this week) and I wish the radio was set up for Sirius/XM. Tows my CR-V well.
  2. I don't have the coach here so I can't check it. As I remember you change the input to AV something or the other. I don't think it was one of the HDMI's.
  3. I was surprised the bedroom had only the blackout shade.. I'd like to have the dual shades in the bedroom too but I can live with this. Might change it later though. Using the DVD player in the dash radio is a pain; have to shuffle between the two remotes. Would have been nice if they used the same brand tv and radio/DVD player. (Another one on my sometime list is to get a universal remote so I can work both with just one remote.) To usr mine I found I have to turn off the tv speakers. Then I had to adjust the lag so the voice and picture synchronized.
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