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  1. We own 2017 Jeep Trailhawk, we had to install a diode circuit to the power steering assist (to avoid dead battery) and the 4x4 transfer case has a special sequence to enable flat towing. The MOPAR owners manual was horrible, please see the attached U-Tube, this guy makes the process simple. Once I have a vehicle set for flat tow, I "pull" the vehicle forward 4-6" to verify neutral tow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHZTUo9z9sk
  2. I bought "Life Member" at 2016 FMCA rally in Perry, best $200 I spent. Once I downloaded Passport America (PPA) app, and entered my information, locating a campground and making reservation(s) became much easier. The best value campground I have used so far was in Marathon, ON using PPA, was only $16CAD and that was full hook up, pull thru lot.
  3. My insurance plan with UHC is listed as a "rich plan", it requires me to notify prior to leaving US, they will cover me in Canada, not to exceed 30 days. Other counties are available, although I have only traveled to Mexico & Canada. Contact your insurance benefits and ask.
  4. The other posts say it. "Depends on load" most have load minder and will inform you if your desired amp draw is higher then what your inverter can carry. Most inverters are listed in watts, yet appliances will list amp draw or load. It's easy enough to get a rough idea to calculate if your inverter(s) will carry the intended electric load. watts / volts = amps. My coach has duel 2800 watt inverters / 120 volts to make appliances work = 23 amps per leg. If I keep my draw at 20 amps or lower I won't be concerned about tripping breakers. We use our inverters to carry the Frig, and use the crock-pot a lot while we drive. In the summer we have to use generator to carry the air-conditioners. As others have said it just depends on what you plan to use. ** If any electricians or other engineers yes we can figure in 0.93 ohms per 1000' feet or copper wire which = 2.4 volt loss, however I would hope for nominal would be acceptable, in this setting.
  5. I wondering if the original owners manual (the one we never read) has a limited liability statement about freezing weather and "possible" damage to plumbing, water, holding tanks, etc. Thank you attorneys !!
  6. Contact https://colawrvsalvage.com/ great inventory, knowledgeable staff, good luck on your repairs.
  7. If you want to do the R & R yourself https://colawrvsalvage.com/ has sold me parts and have great access to repair manuals and have provided PDF manuals to me before. Second option if you like, consider contacting local JVS autobody repair school and inquire if they would be interested in preforming the repair work? Yes they are students, who are in a instructional learning environment who have teachers supervising them. I have used my local JVS for replacement of a damaged compartment door, who also preformed repaint of the custom paint. Best wishes on your repairs.
  8. Each manufacturer has advantages and disadvantages. In purchasing a used unit, be ready to really look over the unit i.e stored inside or outside, water damage, sun fade, be ready to spend time on the roof looking for damage or just neglected basic maintenance. The roof status will usually confirm if the unit was stored inside or outside thru the seasons. Maintenance of chassis, status of battery connections & trays, tire wear, etc. In looking over the chassis look for excessive rust related to age, this could indicate driving in winter conditions with road melting products that can lead to excessive corrosion of auxiliary support items, hinges, latches, steps, drive motors etc. Our first two class A diesel pushers were purchased used and using brokers. Each of us have likes and dislikes and we will offer our recommendation based on our feelings, level of service and past experiences. You will need to decide on options that best meet your needs and desires, although I could offer recommendations, the final choice is yours and yours alone. I wish you the best on your choice and happy RVing in the future.
  9. Motorhome , this starts with motor. I choose to use option that to my advantage. Sometimes its just better to leave when the weather is going to be less then desirable for an extended period of time. Of course moving to see new sites, food and make new friends are great benefits as well. Maybe as my tenured status increases, my desire to drive will decrease. However at this time I choose to see Canada and America on the Motorhome plan.
  10. I have read the development of this thread over the last two months, interesting comments to say the least. FMCA is a volunteer lead, volunteer run organization that is professionally supported. Someone has to sign the legal paperwork and do the day to day operational business. Several other non profit organizations follow the above business model and several are struggling with membership and maintaining fiduciary solvency, coupled with decreasing volunteer ranks. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming others for their inability to grow membership, recruit volunteers for events. The FMCA leadership should first look in the mirror and ask themselves a simple question. “Would I volunteer with this group? What benefit does membership in this group offer me? Unfortunately, most nonprofits start out with good intentions then loose focus and become their own worst enemy. You have to lead by example. Delegate, listen, be flexible, honest, compassionate, understanding, sincere and true to your word. How do you keep volunteers coming back? How do we keep members renewing annually? What about a return of "Life Membership" status? You run the nonprofit as a business, but keep it fun and interesting. Most people want to know and feel that they are making a difference in someone’s life. When volunteers show up to help, use them. If you don’t use their talents they will slowly drift away and not come back. No one wants to be taken advantage of or made to feel that they have wasted their time and effort. Lead and delegate and let people use their talents, the FMCA members are our greatest resource. As to allowing towables in the FMCA, I don't see how this will improve our situation. Either way you feel on this matter, vote and then respect the decision of the membership. Looking forward to a resolve on this "hot button" topic.
  11. My opinion is mine, just vote. Vote folks, get engaged, get involved. Vote Some will agree with the final decision, some will disagree. Either way, vote and then respect the decision of the membership. Looking forward to a resolve on this "hot button" topic.
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  13. Like so many others, I am "younger" (soon to be 50) and have joined FMCA chapters, however these chapters traditionally had activities tailored to the more tenured members. No solution is perfect however, one of my Chapters elected a few new officers for 2017 this has resulted in several positive changes. The most telling was identification of dates so working members could schedule time off work. Although not all dates had locations or even hosts, just this subtle positive change has increased attendance at chapter rallies. Just seeing increased attendance, is a great thing !!
  14. An update to FMCA membership; FMCA President Charlie Adcock not only took time to read my post and others within this post and provide comment back. He further took the often difficult stance to reach out and speak with a person who has a different opinion then his. As a testament to his leadership we continued to speak and explore the difficult path ahead for the FMCA and its members. We had spirited conversation and direct dialogue on matters effecting the FMCA both internal and external, he was engaged with my feedback and view on the FMCA from the opinion and eyes of a 50 year old "young member". He truly believes that we are the future of the FMCA and I must concur, however we the next generation of members and future leaders require the mentor-ship of our tenured members. We need to know what the FMCA has done right, what it has done wrong (and learn from those mistakes, less we make them again) and how we make the FMCA a better organization. It is easy to hold knowledge and take the "I know more then you approach", however does anyone really gain with that approach? Holding of knowledge and not providing of mentor-ship coupled with succession training wasn't accepted in the US Army and it isn't accepted in my current job with the Fire Department. To our tenured members with many years of FMCA experience share your knowledge and assist us, the future generations of the FMCA. Charlie I wanted to thank you for taking time to speak with me, coupled with your offer of personally meeting July in Indianapolis. If my schedule allows for it, know that I welcome the opportunity to meet and further discuss issues effecting the FMCA.
  15. I am very pleased that comments have been read and responded. Thank you for taking time from your obligations to respond. Charlie I was never presented a FMCA membership offer with my 2014 purchase ? I am pleased to know that some suggestions are currently being utilized. Hopefully a few of the other suggestions serve as discussion points for consideration and review of viability. Thank you for you phone number, l welcome the opportunity to speak with you.
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