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  1. Our family is very disappointed with the outcome of this vote. Our member number is F6648S and I have been involved since my parents joined in 1976 or 77. The main attraction then was about families gathering, but more importantly having the common interest of motorhomes. At that time, some motorhomes were manufactured, but many were being constructed by individuals. There were at least 4 engineers in the Cardinal chapter who had constructed their own coaches from the chassis up. The common interest involved issues that arose regarding maintenance, design and ideas, in general, about the motorhome lifestyle. If membership is all about the benefits then I don't need to be here. We have never once, in our 14 years as members, paid our dues questioning what special benefits we receive in return. We are members of two chapters, to which we pay dues and rally fees strictly for the benefit of promoting those chapters. We don't expect anything in return. Somewhere through the years the leadership has lost sight of this and moved to the selling of benefits. I cannot imagine the motivation of this change other than the self-preservation/promotion of the leadership because it is certainly a bash to those of use who wish to maintain the common interest of motorhoming. Please do not take my view as being an elitist, because that is not my view at all. If I owned a TT I would want to be in a TT club or association. If I owned a corvette I would like to be in the National Corvette Owners Association. I may also be a member of the AAA but for a totally different reason. I realize that the economy or age demographics has resulted in a lower membership level for FMCA. To me the association should be downsized accordingly to meet the current need levels. A Studebaker has not been manufactured in decades yet their national association has not opened the membership to the Hudson owners. I really have no need to maintain membership in two clubs as Good Sam is already meeting our needs as a camping club. Going forward I will be anxiously awaiting the opportunity to join, or assist in organizing, a National Motorhome Association.
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