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  1. Thanks dkreuzen for your reply. Sorry for the delay but site was down and I have been offline for a few days. Yes, your definition of wandering is exactly what I am experiencing. It sounds like your changing of the steering box rectified that problem for you. Did the combination of steering box and Koni shocks improve handling in windy conditions and on rough roads? This, in combination with "wandering" are my mains concerns. Regards RK
  2. Thanks Dorgene - more information to have on these issues the better. I should have been more specific on the issues I am experiencing. I am not experiencing vibration issues both rather handling issues such as wandering, sway and poor handling on rough roads and in windy conditions. Need two hands on the wheel at all times to keep the thing on the road. RK
  3. I have a 2014 HR Ambassador 40 DFT with the 8 bag chassis, which has wandering and handling issues similar to that referenced for the 2013 model. I am looking for solutions and have read all the postings etc. and also spoken with HR (Monaco/Allied), Roadmaster, Henderson's Line Up, and Source Eng. Source indicates that the steering box is not the problem. Has anyone installed the Source package and if so what was the result? Help!!! Getting more confused all the time. RK
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