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  1. Just finished reading the FMCA test on the new 40’ Tiffin Phaeton. Looking at axle weights , test weights, GVWR , actual weight as tested. this vehicle is overloaded off the sales lot before a toothbrush is loaded onboard. GAWR on the rear axle is shown as 24,000 . There is not a state in the country that allows more than 20,000 on any single axle or 34,000 on any tandem group. Pair of drives or drive and tag as a group. using 20,000lb maximum for the drive and 15,600lb for the steer , maximum weight for this vehicle is 35,600 lb . As tested weight shows as 35,590 it’s within 10 pounds of legal weight allowed in any state. Drive across a set of scales it would get a weight ticket written for 2,060 lbs on the drive axle. This overweight cannot be changed or adjusted, it’s only going to get heavier on the drive axle. 24,000 axle rating does not mean you can legally put more than 20,000 on the ground any single axle.
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