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  1. Due to the holidays I am waiting to talk to the RV dealer on Thursday to find out what S/N that engine is. If it falls within that S/N range, I will call Cummins.
  2. I am really looking hard at a 2005 Tiffin Allegro Bus 38 DP. I know that all coaches have issues and I am trying to just keep them to a minimum. The pervious coach I looked at had huge trailing arm problems and windshields cracking from flexing. If anyone has any real knowledge about this model can you please share here. Thanks
  3. Allegiance40x, thanks for the info. The recall I mentioned is for the ISL 400 engine within a specific S/N range for Wrist Pin failure. The S/N range is 46543077 - 46603939 for the 2005- 2006 year.
  4. I am seriously looking to buy a 2005 Tiffin Allegro Bus 38DP. It has the Cummins 400 ISL motor. I do not know if it is one of those involved in the recall, I will find out then deal with that. My question is if the motor has been well cared for how many miles could I expect to get out of it? it currently has 55k. Any other issues?
  5. This thread really hits home for me, I bought my first 38 DP last year. Since then it has been one frustrating thing after another. I admit I got burned, I was told there was nothing wrong with the coach, nothing, by a trusted seller. Since then I had the windshield refit (leaked), the engine air conditioning lines replaced from front to back (burned), new tires, front end alligned at a different shop (the tire shop does not do allignment, imagine that), installed after market Safety Plus Stabilizer (severiy wandering), Replaced Ice maker, Replaced curtains, disassembled and repaired propane pipes (leaked), repaired a genset that was falling out of the bottom of the coach (broken welds), and many little things to boot. It is finally done. I have found the repairs done myself were done right the first time, all other repairs done by shops took several attempts at times to complete a decent job. While the shops stood by their work and repaired at no extra cost, my time to return the coach was never reimbursed and my time was considerable, considering that repair shops were an average of an hour away and I still needed a ride home after. Now that I have brought this coach back to great condition I have one more trip then I will sell, and try this one more time. Albiet this time a little wiser. If this has the same outcome, its back to boating.
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