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  1. I'm still here. While at the Hershey show (Sep 14) ordered an Anthem for delivery next June. I think Entegra is the best bang for the buck, with a 2 yr warranty and customer support for solving those 'inevitable' problems. Many thanks to all for their input.
  2. I've been studying RVing quite a lot. Will I need to rent for awhile to really know 'what I'd like to have & whats unacceptable'? Or will studying, observing, asking questions help me answer those questions? Thanks for the insight.
  3. You guys are more helpful than I could have imagined. Thanks to all.
  4. The class B is an interesting idea. Right now I have misgivings about the lack of space in a 43' DP. And my gf keeps telling me I'm going to have a difficult time adjusting to life without all my 'stuff'. So I'm thinking a full-time life in a (relatively small) class B might be more than I can adjust to. I do like the concept, though.
  5. Mr JMGOLDEN, I took a look at the Advanced RV website... very interesting. Do folks full-time in those? It looks a bit "cozy" for that?
  6. Herman, thanks. Been to 3 factories already, but they don't answer these type questions. One tour was very superficial and kept you well away from the operation. Another was very close-up & in-depth, ... actually allowed you to get in the way. Maybe if you know more about what to look for... but I don't. Guess I'm looking for some expert opinion.
  7. With the intention of full-timing in about 18 mos, I’ve been looking at new diesel pushers, such as the American Coach Tradition, Entegra Anthem, Newmar Dutch Star, Tiffin Allegro Bus, etc. I see the differences in floor plans and such, but otherwise they are starting to all look the same. So, among this type of builder, what are the real differences in technique & build quality for: > wall & floor construction and insulation > quality of interior features & workmanship (doors, cabinets, appliances, etc.) > soundness of plumbing, electrical, heating & air, etc. > safety & quietness of ride, handling, etc. > longevity, reliability, & resale value Objectively, who really builds ‘em best? Are there resources available that compare real ‘beneath the surface’ differences among the large box builders?
  8. My Goodness! Best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery. And thank-you for your feedback... and to everyone else whose advice has been invaluable. Thanks to all.
  9. Taking steps now to retire in Sep ’15 (age 65) and begin a full-timing lifestyle for 5-7 yrs planned, probably with the girlfriend. Intend to sell house & most possessions, and put remainder in long-term storage. Still looking, but am expecting summer after next to purchase a large DP, such as Allegro Bus, Anthem, Dutch Star, American Tradition, etc. I’ve never been in a moving RV. Friends & family are throwing up the caution flags for me to try it out first. But how? Seems renting a representative Class A DP for 30 days or so could cost north of $15k? So… how can I know this isn’t just another impetuous phase I’m going through (like that big Harley)? And how can I give full-timing a honest look-see without actually doing it?… and without breaking the bank? Would really appreciate hearing about your thoughts and experiences as you were contemplating the decision to go full-time. How did you know you’d adapt? How did you know you wouldn’t just get sick of it? How did you know? Also wondering… do you know anyone that actually tried it, but did not like it? (btw, anyone want to buy a motorcycle?)
  10. Clarifying my question... I will be 65 yo when I retire in 20 mos, and hope to full-time for about 5-7 yrs thereafter (maybe longer). Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't feel I'll have a lot of time to be experimenting during the 'learning process' with buy/sell, buy/sell, etc.?? Among the folks who did a 1st time buy, in a big way, of their 'final' RV... how many made the right decision?... how many made a financial mistake? I see there's no easy path to a solution here.
  11. wolfe10, Good advice. Shopping new RVs is easy. Looking at used RVs, for me, would be like a hog looking at a wristwatch... not quite sure how I would proceed. I've read that you should buy used from a private seller... but they are way spread out. One could spend a lot of time/money traveling around visiting RVs for sale. I'm hoping to attend Hershey in Sep. Will there be a lot of used RVs there for sale?
  12. I’ve been lurking this forum for a few months… this is my first post. I have never owned or operated any type of RV. Live in Memphis TN and am considering becoming a full-timer in 20 mos when I retire. Studying large DPs has become a preoccupation the last 6 mos. I’ve toured the Tiffin, Entegra, and Newmar factories. If buying new today, I know what I’d want. Buying used is still somewhat of a mystery. It’s becoming more difficult to ignore the advice that says rent one & try the lifestyle to keep from making an expensive mistake. But, how does one do that? Renting a large DP is expensive. How long is required to give this idea an honest evaluation? Is it a good investment to spend $15k renting for a month? Are there alternatives? Is it reasonable to think I’d be able to rent a large DP from an individual for about a month? (eg, one that is for sale) How can I calm the critics?
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