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  1. UT-12 is an amazing road. My wife and I did it on a motorcycle 5 years ago. The scenery is amazing. The road has lots of twists, turns, hills, and mountains. Driving this road is a challenge. UT-12 is navigable in your rig, but you need to be on top of your driving game and don't be in a hurry. Your rig will get a workout.
  2. I suggest going to http://prevostcommunity.com and asking "Tom" for pricing on the Lifeline batteries. IMHO, Lifeline batteries are constructed very well. Battery manufacturer's don't publish much "real" technical data for the class of batteries normally used in RV's. Based upon the data that I can find, the design and construction of the Lifeline's is better than other manufacturers in this class of batteries. Batteries are often sold and bought as a commodity, but they truly aren't a commodity.
  3. Very good description of the "fun" of flying commercial aviation.
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