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  1. Thanks guys, I reread the manual and it did say to turn the key to the off position after it goes into tow mode. Thanks for all the help. Don from Eagle, Id.
  2. Will the battery in the new Ford F150 4X4 go dead while in the new towing mode. The towing mode feature is new for 2014, I guess. To put into towing mode you must turn on the ignition and put on brake, put trans in natural and then turn the 4X4 switch back and forth between 4x2 to 4x4L 5 times in six seconds and the dash goes blank and it says "in towing mode" It doesn't say anything about the condition about the battery when you arrive at your destination. I called Ford and got a busy signal most of the day. I called the dealer and all service said was that if the battery goes below a certain voltage it will go into "battery safe mode" so it will start when called for ? There must be somebody out there with the same question. Thanks. Don Fleming Eagle, Id.
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