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  1. From Glacier Drive Going to the Sun in AM go into Canada an visit Waterton Lakes National park, there take boat ride back in to USA. You have Your Golden Age Passport I hope
  2. We enjoy our slides and yes a few problems. Over all, we want slides but would pay extra for better slides. The better slide better work! I might have brake problems at factory if we paid for crap again.
  3. Try some Destination parks but again do not buy yet. In addition to Florida look at Texas and Arizona Spend at least a month in each area Smaller parks have Seasonal rents of 1,200 to 2,000 /year. You can put up a RV Cover an Storage an stay 4 to 5 months good weather for that area an then move.
  4. I will ask my local Honda dealer if that will be the policy for all RV-s that own Honda's.
  5. I had battery Drain problems with both Chev Blazer an Current Dodge Dakota. Installed a battery isolator on battery and after I shift to Neutral I screw open then Insert a plastic washer and tighten down on plastic. No more dead batter.y Everything works fine when as first step of unhooking PU I reconnect battery then do the shift into drive. This is with 2002 Dakota PU. They used diodes when running the hook up wires at shop that I bought the Roadmaster Tow bar from. I also copied the instructions for shifting in an out of four wheel to neutral from Owners manual an have them in plastic folder by Center Console.
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