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  1. Power Gear doesn't sell to individuals, just dealers like Fleetwood and other dealers. We were having trouble with one leaking fluid and found a shop that repaired hydraulic jacks and had the seal replaced. With a spring problem, just as well go to your Bounder dealer or other Fleetwood dealer so they can install it, too. Bob
  2. The KOA in Salt Lake has an excellent reputation, 800-226-7752, www.slckoa.com. Another choice is in North Salt Lake (about 5 miles north of KOA). The Pony Express RV Resort, 800-780-0170. www.ponyexpressrvresort.com. In Ketchum, the Meadows RV Park is all that's available. 800-726-5445. As you continue north, there is Buddy's RV Park in Salmon, ID. 208-756-3630. In Missoula, MT there is the KOA on Reserve Street just south of I-90. 800-562-5366 and Jellystone RV Park on I-90 (exit 96) 800-318-9644. In the West Glacier area the North American RV Park is 5 miles west of Park entrance. 800-704-4266. Another good one is in Hungry Horse, Mountain Meadow Campground. 406-387-9125, www.mmrvpark.com. Busy time of year, reservations recommended. As you leave Ketchum, you have to ascend and descend Galena Pass, not much to it. As you leave Salmon, another pass on the Montana border that's a biggie, but doable. Enjoy the trip.
  3. I installed the water misers last August and they are working good for me. I haven't had to disassemble the battery hold down brackets and clean the corrosion since. The coach batteries used to be wet, like they were leaking but not anymore. I keep the coach plugged in to shore power continually. Bob
  4. Do you have an e-mail address where I could contact you?
  5. If you want to download e-mails via radio, it has been going on for 20+ years. You can read about that on www.winlink.org. With all of the free Wifi hot spots now available, it's much easier to just use a laptop with wireless capability. Most public libraries have internet access. Where to mount the radio is a different story. If you want to QSO while driving, mount the radio so the sun shining through the drivers window doesn't shine on the digital display, makes it hard to read while playing bumper cars on the freeway. Some hams mount a hamstick or Hustler high on the ladder on the rear of the coach. I use a bumper mounted screwdriver antenna and the results haven't been impressive but neither has the propagation. You might want to listen to a couple of nets to get some ideas. RV Service net on 14307.50 at 12 noon and 5 PM EDT and the FMCA ARC on 14307.50 at 1900Z (3 PM EDT). 73 Bob WA7CLG
  6. Mike you'll love towing the Jeep 4 wheels down, they track very well which is a key item. Also, when you get ready and put the transfer case in neutral, you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it far enough to unlock the steering wheel. And if your Jeep is the Limited model, it will weigh about 4400# plus whatever you put in it. I assume since you have a Monaco you are familiar with Sierra RV, I was there last Thursday and noticed the Roadmaster display has been replaced with Demco. which shouldn't be taken as a bad sign. They will order in any brand you want. I personally have the Roadmaster and just recently purchased the Falcon All terrain to replace the Roadmaster Eagle 8000. I don't need the 8000# tow bar anymore and wanted to get a lighter one. I have several friends with Roadmaster and two friends with the Demco. I've had good factory support from Roadmaster as has my friends with the Demco. Blue OX left me in a lurch a few years ago on a problem but they probably have good stuff also. The question you haven't addressed yet is the baseplate for the Jeep and the lighting. The instructions from Roadmaster are very good and easy to understand. Several months ago my friend bought a Ford Edge for a toad and my wife and he installed the baseplate while I was laid up with a back problem. When we traded our Jeep for a new Suzuki Grand Vitara, my wife was the brains on that baseplate installation also. Rumor has it she is smarter than me. On the lights, I prefer to use the diodes and since you have the third brakelight on the Jeep, you'll need four diodes. You can download these instructions on the Roadmaster web sight beforehand if you want. I like the diodes as compared to the magnetic stick on lights, one less thing you have to do when you hook up or un hook. I have mixed emotions on the braking system. I have the Roadmaster Brake Pro, now called Even Brake or something like that. There are several on the market that use the same principal. It's a pain in the buns as far as I'm concerned, I now carry it in the luggage compartment. I thought the Monaco coaches came with the Unified controller pre wired but never the less, if I had it to do over, I'd go with one of the systems that work off of the coach air brakes like the M&G Braking system. Mike Van Tassel @ Sierra RV was studying the different braking systems and should be able to recommend one. You can look at the different tow bars on www.bigdiscountrv.com and compare the different features. Bob in Sandy, UT
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