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  1. I am a single woman who is about to start full timing with my dog, Loki, as my co-pilot. I am so glad you have this forum for full-timers. In a weird way it is reassuring to read that other full timers have numerous questions and a belly full of butterflies too.My granddaughter and her family are living in my home so I am able to leave a lot of things with them, like pictures and other useless sentimental objects that I do not want weighing down my motor-home. I am about to embark from California to Arizona and am slightly nervous. I took a month long trip up in northern California and learned a lot. For instance, the RV parks are quite a way from down town and I sometimes feel stuck. Guess I am going to have to get a tow vehicle so I won't feel stuck.
  2. I checked with them and they said a trailer would have to be used. I then checked on a 2006 which I had read about in this forum being towed four wheels down. They said it would have to be on a trailer also. I have little faith in Remco because of this. I do thank you for the suggestion. I guess I will forgo the pretty color and buy a manual since some of our"family " towing them successfully.
  3. I have read that people tow Mazda Miatas with manual transmissions. Is it possible to tow one four on the road with the 6 speed automatic sport tranny? I really need to know as I am shopping for a tow car. The one I want to tow is a 2008. It seems that all the copper-red Miatas come with this auto trannys. Help, I love that color but want to use it as my toad. Also am wondering why there were no Miatas in the 2008 list of towables. I am a newbie and am depending on some good advice from more experienced RVers.
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