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  1. Herman, I might be able to shift some weight in the trailer, but not dramatically since the trailer is a stacker trailer with two vehicles that are in fixed positions related to the tie down points.
  2. Our 2006 Beaver Patriot Thunder has a hitch rated for 10,000 lbs max. We want to pull a stacker trailer that will gross approximately 13,000 lbs with payload and have an approximate tongue weight of 800 lbs. I am curious how others have solved this problem. New hitch or is there a way to beef up the present hitch?
  3. I just moved from Phoenix area to Palm Springs, but the Direct TV channel guide still shows the local Phoenix channels. I manually changed the zip code in the settings, but doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions??
  4. Anyone have a recommendation for tire shops in the Phoenix or mobile repair service. I am presently in northwest Phoenix at the Desert Shadow RV resort.
  5. Dave, Bob does a great job detailing the many sights along your route. I would add one stop especially if you are interested in aviation and more specifically WWII warfare aircraft. About two miles south of Tillamonk there is a flight museum owned by a single individual. This museum will be leaving its current location in the near future and re-locating to Madras, OR in central Oregon.
  6. Thanks to all for your responses...very helpful. Allen & Nancy
  7. Has anyone traveled Hwy 20 between Corvallis and Newport in a 40'+ coach? Any feedback/reflections would be appreciated.
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