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  1. We've had our 2015 Trailhawk for just over a month, absolutly no issues towing behind our Bounder. Like others have stated, the entire front facia is removed and cut on both sides to install base plates, not a job most would want to tackle. I installed Demco base plates in just under 4 hours. Now if only my wife will let me take it off road like we do with our Wrangler!
  2. I don't have any trouble getting parts for my 1995 F53 at my local Ford dealer in Vancouver. Almost all the F53 engine parts cross over to Ford F-series pick-up trucks i.e. F-350, F-450, F-800 etc. Probably just an inexperienced parts guy at the dealership.
  3. We're back & forth between Washington & BC on a regular basis. If we're not sure about the admissibility of something, we simply phone the nearest border crossing. For the longest time, as long as the dog's food is in the original bag (open or not) and the ingredients are clearly marked and don't contain lamb or goat, we're good to go. We've never had the dog's food confiscated. We often find our fellow Canadians take things for granted. They sometimes fail to realize they are entering a foreign country. We regularly meet people in RV parks whining about how they were "hassled at the border". If you're not sure, just phone and ask.
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