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  1. 2016 Tiffin Phaeton QBH. I have two issues I am looking for recommendations and comments: 1) In the front bathroom I have a Thetford Aqua Magic Style Plus toilet. Have had trouble with is continuing to run after flush. Water valve issue. Has anybody had the same problems and mainly is there a better and more reliable toilet I can swap this one out for. 2) I have fought a water leak in the roof of the very rear passenger side bay since MH was new last year. Caulked every seam I can find. For awhile I was convinced it was a roof or side leak. Seemed to occur in rain. Then everyone in awhile it was start dripping when there was no rain. Have looked under shower and no moisture. Then we get rain several times and no drip. Then suddenly it drips after a month or so. Everything dry for awhile then I relevel the MH and, guess what it starts dripping. Very confusing. Reaching out for comments before I start tearing things out to look. Thanks Kent
  2. I would like to hear some more opionions on Extended Warranties. We have a 2012 Forest River have looked at a couple of EWs options. One is the one offered by Wholesale Warranties. Anybody had any experience with this provider. They seem to cover about everything according to the salesperson. Thanks for your comments.
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