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  1. The violence risk is is highly overblown. It is pretty well all targeted. Statistical an American has a greater chance of being murdered in the US than he does in Mexico. Statistically, a Canadian has a greater chance of begin murdered in Australia than he does in Mexico. I spend all winter in mexico, even have taken my 5-year-old granddaughter down and put her in the school there. I have RVed over the entire country over the last 7 years 4 to 5 months at a time and have never had or witnessed any incident. LA scares me more. I have lost count of the number of times Mexicans have helped me out when lost, etc. I can't stop at the side of the highway for lunch without 2 or 3 people pulling over to see if I need help. For those who are nervous maybe try a caravan the first time. If you let the fear factor stop you, you are missing out on a wonderful RV experience.
  2. I traveled to Mexico last year with a guy in a late-model diesel sprinter. He had no problems, but most do not with several tankfuls. Going all the way down to South America, with a late-model diesel, however, will be an issue. If it is off warranty, you could look into having the dpf filter removed and the computer reprogrammed to recognize the fact.
  3. I know a lot about RVing down there, I write magazine articles on it and run caravans down there and am willing to answer any questions. I have a page on border crossing precedures HERE
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