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  1. We are currently in the shop for the same issue. Our grey water smell was coming from under the rig and being pulled into the RV through various openings. Turns out that a cap was never installed for the washer/dryer drain (we did not get the washer/dryer option) and the p-trap for the washer/dryer emptied of water. Since the drain was enclosed from the interior by a wall, the smell found its way outside through some openings in the bottom of the compartment and spread its sent all around our rig. We are getting our rig back today. Hopefully, this resolves the problem. Good luck with your problem.
  2. We have just started with Direct TV and have found the experience to be painful. A very substantial majority of employees and supervisors have no clue regarding RV installations. All employees are very friendly and pretend to be helpful, but it is clear they have no idea what you are talking about when you try to discuss RV's. However, once you finally end up with the right person the process is suddenly very simple. It just takes a lot of patience and some firm discussions.
  3. We have the Direct TV Genie DVR. It is compatible with the Winegard Traveler Satellite receiver.
  4. The mark-up by the dealers may be very high on extended warranties. You should try to negotiate a lower price.
  5. I have the same question. I have heard that XtraRide was good.
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